With the right technology, oils and lubricants can help support the agricultural sector, by helping farmers to identify the right lubrication for tractors, help to better maintain valuable machinery, and ultimately help the farmstead to prosper.

Downtime is not an option, especially during busy periods, so you need products that will work as hard as you do. Castrol’s product range for agriculture has been specifically designed to meet the lubrication requirements of your farming equipment and offer a constant level of protection, help prevent wear and tear, and extend engine life — making it a perfect match for your needs. Through liquid engineering, Castrol provides high performance oils to help improve productivity, even under difficult operating conditions and environments.

Choose the right oil: Efficient oils that can help your business go further Whatever kind of heavy-duty vehicles you operate, Castrol has the expertise and products you need to ensure operational efficiency. The brand is committed to making sure that your heavy-duty engine oils are specifically engineered to help deliver maximum protection and performance.

To help you prepare and maintain your vehicle for farming, Castrol has introduced Castrol VECTON with unique SYSTEM PRO TECHNOLOGY™, a heavyduty diesel engine oil that conforms to the latest Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) engine oil specifications. Castrol VECTON delivers a 45% extra performance reserve* that fights oil breakdown by controlling oxidation, reducing deposits, neutralising harmful acids, and maintaining viscosity. To provide superior protection within diesel engines, Castrol CRB TURBOMAX, a multi-purpose, heavy-duty engine oil helps commercial vehicles, like tractors, to operate efficiently and last longer

Castrol CRB TURBOMAX with DuraShield™ Boosters actively works in two ways; one, to prevent the agglomeration of soot under severe operating conditions, and two, to provide a robust protective layer on critical moving engine parts surfaces from damaging wear, for a long and healthy engine life. Castrol CRB TURBOMAX delivers up to 2X healthy engine life, depending on camshaft rebuild conditions.**

The Castrol CRB TURBOMAX is suitable for use in highspeed compressed ignition engines that use a broad range of fuel qualities and is also compatible with diesel engines fitted with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems. Developing improved oils and lubricants for generations to come Castrol has had a long history in agriculture, following the launch of its first specialised agricultural lubricants in 1917.

The brand is committed to learning and understanding all agricultural needs, to help deliver the right products for your farming business. Castrol VECTON and Castrol CRB TURBOMAX are approved by the leading agricultural Original Engine Manufacture’s (OEMs) recommendations and offer excellent benefits for heavy-duty engine oils. You can rest assured that all hard-working machines will operate efficiently and that your most valuable assets are protected.

* Based on tests conducted on 81% of the whole Castrol VECTON range by volume based on 12 months sales up to March 2017.

** Based on time between camshaft rebuilds in a severe Cummins ISB engine test vs an equivalent oil without DuraShield.

For more information visit the official Castrol website at https://www.castrol.com/en_za/south-africa/home.html.