With electricity prices constantly rising and an unreliable electricity network, consumers are looking for new long-term solutions.

“It is especially in the agricultural sector where sustainable energy is of the utmost importance, and also where the impact of South Africa’s energy crisis is felt the most,” says Francois Botha, director of Power Africa.

Power Africa is at the forefront of sustainable energy supply and believes in a future where the power of nature can be used to generate reliable, sustainable and affordable energy. With their cutting-edge solutions in solar, gas, wind and water management, they strive to change the way Africa consumes energy. The company has more than fifteen years of experience and eight successful branches across South Africa.

Solar energy

Solar energy can be used anywhere in the world and is available every day.

You benefit from reduced expenses because part of your power is generated by solar panels. The extent of your cost savings depends on the size of your system and how much energy is used.

  • Solar energy can be used in areas where it is impossible to be connected to an electricity grid.
  • Cleaning your solar panels a few times a year is enough and because there are no moving parts, there is no wear and tear. The converter only needs to be replaced every five to ten years. The only maintenance is to ensure your cables remain in a good condition to keep your network stable.
  • Solar panels increase the value of your property and buyers prefer a property with a self-sustaining power grid.

Wind turbines

Power Africa now offers a new product in the form of wind turbines, which can be added to existing solar power systems to ensure a continuous power supply.

“This addition guarantees that our farmers have access to reliable and sustainable energy solutions that not only support their day-to-day operations, but also contribute to the growth and success of the sector in the long term.

“The focus on wind power is now more essential than ever, especially in agriculture where every season presents unique energy challenges. Wind power, as a renewable energy source, offers significant advantages: it reduces the dependence on unstable electricity supply and makes our agricultural operations more sustainable and cost-effective. This is a critical step towards a sustainable future for our farming community and the protection of our environment,” says Francois.

Wind turbines are available in horizontal and vertical configurations, and each is designed for a specific application.

Vertical wind turbines can capture the wind from any direction and are very quiet. This makes it the perfect choice for urban or residential areas. These turbines can be stacked to improve power output.

Horizontal wind turbines are more suitable for large-scale wind farms. Their size makes them unsuitable for residential areas. Horizontal turbines must be installed at least six meters high due to their wide wingspan.

“At Power Africa, we strive to provide a seamless experience from the moment a customer requests a price estimate, through the entire installation process, to our dedicated after sales service. We understand the importance of reliability and support and ensure that our customers are equipped with the best possible solutions,” says Francois.

If you are looking for alternative energy solutions for your home or farm, contact Power Africa today by visiting their website www.power-africa.co.za, or text “Solar” to 43366. You can also call them on 012-809-2281 or send an email to cc@power-africa.co.za.