Everyone knows the disadvantages of chemical products like weeds, fungus, insecticides and fertilisers on soil but without an effective alternative, the farmer remains dependent on toxic substances that harm his soil and nature and, on top of that, the prices continue to rise.

Agri Frequencies offers an effective alternative with prices that have been kept constant for the last 6 years. And now also includes weed control.

Weeds, insects, pests, nematodes, fungi, soil fertility, ticks, parasites as well as invasive plants are addressed as chemically free with frequencies.

It is specifically applied to protect non-harmful insects because they control other insects and promote pollination.

Agri Frequencies can now preventively control the full spectrum at particularly low costs and the results are measurable.

Even water quality can be greatly increased, and frost resistance can be achieved.

Many farmers say it sounds too good to be true, but our long-standing clients who have already used the service for as many as 6 years know they have discovered a secret for economically sustainable farming.

One has to measure to know, and every facet of the frequencies is measurable.

Plants’ growth stimulants are measured with plant juice analyses, insects with counts, and other facets with production.

The process is very safe, very environmentally friendly and user-friendly.

The good news is it requires no capital outlay.

The service is delivered on the farm/area through frequencies and it can also be measured on the farm as soon as the service is switched on.

You can also save on labour and application costs. The service remains on 24/7 to achieve top results.

How it works:

At the smallest level, everything in the universe vibrates (quantum level) and every organism has its own unique frequency, and by manipulating this frequency the organism can be manipulated. If the organism encounters its own out-of-phase frequency, the energy is cancelled and the organism dies, larger organisms leave the area and do not return.

There is something for every farming facet.

For the fruit farmer, we have better insect control, pest control, fungus and nematode control, soil and water absorption improvement, increased sugars, yield and fruit quality. Also, big savings on chemical pest and weed control as well as fertilizing substances and their application.

Troublesome animals such as monkeys and baboons, pigs etc are banned.

Without poison, the predators and pollinators emerge to further promote insect control.

For the crop farmer, there is big savings on chemical insect and weed killers as well as fertilizing substances. Everything is measurable and plant juice analyses show the advantage of frequencies.

Plague animals such as monkeys, porcupines and even birds leave the area.

Cattle, game and horse farmers get tick control, disease and invasive plant control and in addition, flies, midges and mosquitoes are preventively controlled.

Pests such as foxes and monkeys are chased away.

Brackish water can be used effectively and algae in the ponds can be stopped.

Irrigation farmers can achieve better water quality and get huge savings on insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides, with better quality and yield.

Pest control, also poison-free products to comply with Global Gap are part of the benefits.

Better water quality increases production through better absorption and algae control, as well as cleaning irrigation pipes.

Contact Jan du Plessis at 082-429-4055 or info@agrifrequencies.com. You can also go to www.agrifrequencies.com.