WILD Coolers is home to The Leader in High Performance Cooler Boxes and accessories. Centred on reliability, performance and beauty, their range is designed to withstand all of Africa’s challenges, making outdoor exploration more convenient and safer.

Using rotational moulding, (a process normally reserved for industrial applications) to develop products that are high in performance and beautiful, the result is far superior strength, durability, and insulation.

Their coolers range from the premier High-Performance Hard-Shells available in 20L, 40L, 60L, 80L & 140L, to a Wine Cooler, 20L & 45L in the Softshell Range, complete with genuine leather components for an authentic, all-African look and feel. There is also a Hard-Shell Wheelie 60, with robust wheels that might make an average 4×4 look on in envy. For those 1-Day Trippers who want an authentic hard-shell cooler, you have the choice between the Bush-Box 45 standard or Premium (leather detailed).

Every cooler in the range boasts optimal strength, durability and insulation for beverages and food for their respective cooler conditions.

The WILD Cooler flasks and mugs collection include a Coffee Mug (350ml) Utility Mug (650ml) and Flask (1.8L) made of food-grade, double-walled 18:8 stainless-steel. Say farewell to takeaway coffee cups in your daily hustle and ensure that your hot chocolate maintains its temperature from trail head to mountain summit. The range, in truly attractive colours like Camo Green, Deep Blue, Aqua and Pink, are all dishwasher safe and will not transfer odour or flavour. Coffee in the morning, merlot around the fire.

Their range of accessories are made up of items that you did not know you needed, until you realised that you never want to picnic or travel across Africa without them. Fast-freezing, long lasting, leak-proof WILD-Ice bricks, cup holders that fit their mugs and utility cups, rubber latches for their cooler range, tie-downs, cooler partitions, dry baskets and more.

The WILD Cooler premier range of high-performance gear will keep their cool despite a rocky ride, determined wildlife or anything else that your adventures might throw at you. This is the kind of quality gear that is passed down between father and son, along with fly-fishing secrets and the best way to build a camp fire….

The WILD calls, and with WILD Coolers, the answer is always, yes.