Gallagher gives you a better view of your water.

Keep an eye on your tank levels with wireless water monitoring that gives you certainty of how much water you have available.

It has 3 parts:

  • Water level
  • Pump control
  • Monitor and alert

Common issues with water management include:

  • Stock running out of drinking water

Insufficient water supply for livestock hydration can have significant impact on animal health and performance.

  • Unknown water availability

Checking tank levels is difficult and time consuming. Often only checked once it’s too late and water levels are running low.

  • Hidden water leaks

Water leaks are difficult to detect. Often only known after you have already wasted a significant amount of water or your tanks have run dry.

  • Remote water storage

Water tanks are often in remote locations across your farm. Out of sight and difficult to keep an eye on.

The solution is a better view of your water

Wireless Water Monitoring Series 2

A water mobile app subscription fee applies for monitoring more than 1 water tank and 1 pump controller.

Features include:

  • Monitor up to 9 tank levels
  • Control up to 2 water pumps
  • Measure water consumption
  • Detect abnormal usage
  • Set notifications and alerts

Take the guess work out of your water system

Benefits of the system are as follows:

  • Water system information in your pocket

View water usage, tank levels, automatically control pumps and receive notifications on your phone, via the Gallagher Water mobile app

  • Early warning of abnormal water usage

Monitor and receive alerts when tank levels drop or water consumption unexpectedly changes

  • Comprehensive coverage of your water system

View and control a combination of water tanks and pumps

  • Long-range communication with up to 10km of connectivity range

With uninterpreted line of sight between the Data Transmitters and the Touch Screen Receiver, data can be sent up to 10km across your farm.

Antennas are available to extend the range – talk to your local Territory Manger for options.

  • No cellular or internet coverage required at your tank location

Data is transmitted via line of sight back your Touch Screen Receiver.

WiFi connectivity at location of your the Touch Screen Receiver enables data to be synced to the Gallagher Water mobile app.

  • User friendly design

Easy to read and navigate through screens

Expand your system

Monitor up to 9 water tanks and control up to 2 water pumps across your farm with additional expansion kits and Pump Controllers.

What you need:

Water Level Sensor

Measure tank levels to monitor water availability

Data Transmitter

Send data from your water level sensors to monitor water use

Touch Screen Receiver

Receive real time water level data to manage your water use

Water Mobile App

View your water information anywhere, anytime


Pump Controller

Control your pump to ensure tank levels are maintained

Water Flow Indicator

Install in water lines to view water flow and find leaks easier

Contact Gallagher for more information on how to monitor your water at,  011-974-4740,  or e-mail