Quality, integrity, respect, cooperation, responsibility, safety, and social development. These are the values ​​that Drotsky stands by and on which they build their company. 

At Drotsky, they believe that a good work culture cultivates the recipe for progress. If everyone knows what is expected of them, uncertainties are eliminated, and it is so much easier to complete work quickly and efficiently.

The love and care that Drotsky has for their employees is clearly visible to any visitor. They always strive to keep morale and productivity high. One example of how they manage this is the monthly Toolbox Talks. The management team also move around between the workers, so they notice very quickly if someone is experiencing a problem – whether it is work-related or personal.

Workers enjoy a nice, hot and, moreover, free lunch.

The benefits of this strategy are reaped in the workers’ relationships with each other. Working at Drotsky means you are healthy, happy and there is always a smile. It is described as an “old-fashioned culture”, where production must be as high as possible, but where there is always time for staff to crack a joke along the way. They believe: “It must be fun to work here.”

One of the most important ways Drotsky tries to build the culture in their company is by providing meals for their employees. Every person who works there gets a free lunch every afternoon.

More than a hundred food parcels are prepared throughout the day. This is the tea lady’s responsibility and about half an hour before dinner three or four other ladies help to dish up. When lunchtime arrives, workers can just pick up their food and start feasting. No long queues, no extra costs, just a balanced, free, plate of healthy food.

Lunches are already scooped up in bowls in advance, so that employees can get their food quickly and without long queues.

“Here at Drotsky, we believe you cannot expect to get more out than what you put in. You cannot empty a faucet if you do not pour water into the tank. That is why we want to feed the people – give them what they need. We make them happy so they can make us happy. In this way, one hand washes the other.”

The free lunches are not just to boost morale and productivity. You do not know what everyone’s situation at home is, but at least you know everyone receives a healthy meal once a day. Stress over what to pack for lunch the next day or going to bed late because of preparing something to take to work is no longer a problem for employees. Therefore, employees can arrive at work rested, ready for a day of fun and hard work.