Yara AllFarm is a digital platform consisting of an ecosystem that integrates and supports different internal and external components.


business, customer service, different functional teams, input providers, service providers, research &
development, and other partners in a digital environment.
Its purpose is… to ensure producer prosperity and
efficient and sustainable food
production in a nature-friendly
manner in a constantly changing

The agricultural world is filled with variables that cannot be controlled; however, agronomists need to be able to consider unpredictable variabilities. Digital solutions quickly became crucially important for forecasting and predictions.

However, with customers frustrated with too many platforms, login and passwords, and layering of data becoming a costly and difficult task, competition in both local and global markets are transforming exponentially in the digital ag space.

Looking to differentiate and add value among competitors, the Yara Africa Fertilizer team scouted for the most suitable tool to shape the future – and AllFarm was born!

Steph Uys (GIS Technician), Chrisna Heuer (Marketing & Transformation Manager, South-ern Africa), Pieter Snyman (Digital Agronomist) attending.

From data to knowledge

Determined to optimize agricultural producers’ time management, risk management, and feasibility of actions, the team set sight on the goal of transforming digital data into knowledge.

Yara AllFarm – an agile digital platform 

Officially launched in May during Nampo 2023, the biggest Agricultural expo in the Southern Hemisphere held annually in South Africa – Yara AllFarm now provides support to growers, including but not limited to, from entry-level precision systems to specialized systems.

On the importance of maximizing our impact with data, Chrisna Heuer, Marketing & Transformation Manager, Southern Africa said: “AllFarm opens a world of opportunity if we are willing to adapt, change and grow with it. We don’t know what we don’t know and therefore it is imperative to find out what is hidden in the facts and data that we do have, in a world flooded with data, hunger for knowledge.”

Petro Gnäde (Commercial Manager, South Africa – North) & Chrisna Heuer (Marketing & Transformation Manager, Southern Africa) attending.

Proudly South African and with unlimited integration possibilities, Yara AllFarm differentiates itself as an agile digital platform that is available as a web application, as well as on both the Apple App Store and the Android Play Store, with offline capability for convenience. The platform provides support services in Afrikaans and English.

Primarily developed by South African experts and international knowledge for Precision Farming activities, the system can also be used for other functions such as taking geographically referenced soil and leaf samples. These can be displayed in the system or stored for later reference.

Yara’s digital team is constantly engaged in research and development to ensure that the latest technology in the industry will be available to platform users. Another focus is to integrate more of Yara’s other tools.

Pieter Brink, Agronomy and Research & Development Manager, South Africa: “AllFarm is like any newborn – we expect a lot from it, we know there will be issues during its growth, but the potential is unlimited!”

AllFarm Advanced Features
Warning Model

The warning model alerts producers and their agricultural experts at an early stage of potential variations and risks in a specific zone. The management of risk is literally in their hand.

Virtual Consultant & Hotspots

The virtual consultant communicates with everyone connected to the specific profile on Yara AllFarm easier and in real time.


As part of the warning model, there are “Hotspot” maps that help agronomists have “feet on the farm” every day, even if they are not physically present themselves. This allows the producer and their agronomists to detect problems faster and act preventively.

Application Programming Interface (API) Capabilities

The API capabilities enable further development and integrations that support opportunities for partnerships. These partnerships are of vital importance for the sustainability of the agricultural industry at farm level, but also for all other players.


There are a lot of ideas and features on the wish list going forward. Further development will support Yara’s ambition of Growing a Nature-Positive Food Future.

Looking ahead 

Guided by strategy and business needs, this living platform will continue to grow, adapt and change to fit the needs of business, customers, and the agriculture industry in the years to come.

South Africa team with Yara Africa & Asia and other colleagues at the AllFarm launch during NAMPO.