Searching for an irrigation system that delivers maximum production and uses the least amount of energy, the Steenkamp brothers from SKS Boerdery in Middelburg did not have to look further than the industry leader in irrigation, Agrico. Through collaboration with the company, they managed to find a costeffective and reliable solution that caters to all their irrigation needs.

SKS Boerdery was established in the nineties and over the years all three of the Steenkamp brothers joined the family farm. They mainly farm with grains and have a feedlot for their commercial livestock. Polla Steenkamp explains that they first did their homework, because they were looking for a modern irrigation system. They realised that Agrico is the current leaders in terms of technology and design. Their modern systems coupled with antitheft properties, convinced them that this was the best solution for them.

“In the end there was no other choice for us than Agrico,” says Polla. Willie Cilliers, Branch Manager of Agrico Ermelo, explained that Polla reached out to them for an irrigation system because they could not accomplish optimal crop yields with dry-land production in their area.

The submersible pump that helps to support the pump station’s water needs.

Africo G4 irrigation system thwarts theft!

The Agrico team suggested the G4 pivot and a new pump system for the farm. Head of Mechanical Development at Agrico, Gerrie Herbst, was involved in the design of this pivot. The elegant design of the G4 tower allows span widths of up to 70 m. He explains that the three-legged centre of the G4 pivot system is unique.

“The G4’s centre is designed to safeguard your property against theft. All the cables and components, including the tension cable, are hidden in the tress structure. A panel cover hides the main panel and ensures that it is tamperproof.”

Apart from theft, load shedding is also one of this farm’s main challenges, with stage six load shedding sometimes leaving the farm without electricity for a long time. Irrigation depends on power supply and that is why they decided to take this project on by excluding Eskom and running it by using generators and solar power. The solar power is used to move the pivots when they are not in use, this means they also do not have to start the generators for this.

Willie Cilliers, Agrico Ermelo Branch Manager; Johan Myburgh, Head Mechanical Engineer at Agrico; Gerrie Herbst, Head of Mechanical Development at Agrico; and Polla Steenkamp of SKS Farming.

Agrico has the irrigation solution for you

Although SKS Boerdery has a standard G4 pivot, adjustments had to be made to the system and pump room to meet the farm’s needs, and at times the team had to deviate from the original design.

Polla says: “Every time when a challenge came up, the Agrico team analysed the situation and responded with positive feedback and solutions.”

They decided to also install a LEPA (Low Energy Precision Application) system to run the system at low pressure with little losses and high effectiveness. The crops planted on this farm also work well with the LEPA system. And to crown it all, this system can be run from your phone to keep a watchful eye on your irrigation system.

Agrico’s Web Control enables you to manage various pumps and the pivots, GPS system manages the pump’s speed and therefore the pressure to lower your energy usage. You can change the pivot’s direction and keep an eye on energy use, everything from your cell phone or computer. According to Polla this system is more efficient and in the end the goal is to run your business as efficiently as possible. “I had a very good experience working with Willie and his team of engineer’s from Bellville. I only have praise for them. I do not think there ever was a problem and I hope this goes both ways.”

For your optimal irrigation system talk to Agrico. Find contact details for your nearest branch on their website, or learn about the different solutions they have for you.