Every farmer has to find ways to curb costs without sacrificing output quality. Irrigation is a place where great savings can take place.

Afriq Water is celebrating its eighth anniversary this year and its sixth year attending NAMPO.

Wynand Ueckermann, the owner and founder of Afriq Water, adds: “We are grateful for our customers. To date we’ve developed great relationships with our clients.

Afriq Drip irrigation

Farmers are strongly recommended to use drip irrigation systems because it helps them conserve water. According to Wynand. “Drip irrigation is one of the most economical ways to irrigate crops,” says Wynand. “The water droplets are released at the plant’s base, giving the roots enough time to absorb it.”

Afriq Water’s drip irrigation systems provide the ideal product offering for  farmers, with a wide variety of pipe thicknesses, flow pressure and sizes available.

Filters are required for drip systems because the pipes’ tiny holes are prone to sediment build-up and eventual clogging.

Because a drip irrigation system operates at 1 bar pressure, this system can work with gravity, which is beneficial for farmers, especially during load shedding.

Afriq Water’s Quick Connect System

In 2015, Afriq Water introduced a quick coupling system which was imported from Turkey. “It is a plastic irrigation system that is quick and simple to set up, to suit your exact needs,” says Wynand.

Changing from steel sprinklers to quick coupling systems enables Afriq Water to provide a better sprinkler system to their customers at a lower price.

The pipes are manufactured from 6 HDPE, which is much more affordable than metal pipes and are also much lighter than steel pipes making it much simpler to handle and move them around on a farm. These pipes have a longer lifespan than steel pipes.

As the needs of the farmer change, the modular design of the Quick Connect sprinkler system can be continually expanded. The pipes have a variety of connections, including tees and elbows, and they snap together.

Afriq Water has created cost-effective irrigation packages that are tailored to each farmer’s needs and financial situation by considering all of their circumstances. Visit www.afriqwater.co.za for more information.

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