With water being a valuable asset, water management for an irrigation farmer is one of the most important aspects of their operations. It should always be a priority to optimally use this resource.

Centre pivot irrigation systems have been proven to be one of the most effective methods of irrigation, especially for medium to large sized tracts of land. Getting water more effectively into the soil is the first simple line of saving with any irrigation system, but how is that achieved?

Using top range ultra-low pressure sprinkler packages is a good start. This is not only about low pressure and the obvious advantage thereof, but also about correct droplet sizes, even water distribution combined with wider sprinkler bandwidth, all contributing to effectively getting the low-pressure water into the soil combined with very low evaporation, and virtually no, if any runoff. This type of irrigation is more cost-effective than sprinkler systems, travelling guns or micro irrigation systems, demand less labour input and can be completely automated.

Getting water more effectively into the soil is the first step to saving with any irrigation system, and exactly what Sentre360 aspires to.

By attending to the detail as mentioned above, you may have savings of more than 50% compared to higher pressure systems with cheaper sprinklers. Losses are due to (1) high pressure systems which uses more power, (2) water losses through evaporation, caused by cheaper static sprinklers not having even droplet sizes, (3) runoff often caused by low pressure cheaper sprinklers with a narrow band width, (4) hanging those sprinklers lower to combat evaporation, causing sealing of the soil, causing even more runoff and surface evaporation.

A water shortage at critical times has a major influence on the loss of yield of the various crops. This is dependent on the type of crop and the growth stage of the plants but can be disastrous to the total expected crop yield. Efficient irrigation will lessen the risk as water pumped will be water in the soil.

Efficient irrigation will lessen the risk of water loss.

Adding to the advantages of centre pivot irrigation and its economical operation, is that technological advances in this industry now makes it possible for the farmer to manage his pivot systems remotely via his mobile phone or computer from anywhere in the world. Again, saving on labour costs and time, the farmer can set and change irrigation sequences as he wishes. This emphasises the usefulness of these systems, providing peace of mind and significant cost savings to farmers.

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