Satisfied farmers in more than half of the African continent’s countries depend on Senter360 for quality irrigation solutions. Senter360’s policy is to not only sell the best possible products but rather offer a long-term solution to their customers with a mutual win-win attitude.

“Over the years we have built good relationships with our customers in Southern Africa,” says Theuns Dreyer, Managing Director of Senter360.

“We are excited about 2023, expecting even more growth. We also have an interesting addition to our product range to be introduced during 2023.” Senter360 products are designed to be exceptionally strong.

“They are designed to survive in tougher than usual conditions in remote areas, keeping them running reliably for longer. It is also interesting to note that pivots sold in Africa are usually larger than those sold in South Africa,” Theuns added. A Senter360 pivot has a modular design throughout. This means a lower impact on the variety of spares required to build the machine, and therefore also to maintain it.

“The capital outlay for spares in remote areas is therefore smaller, making it easy to have a full range of spares ready in remote areas.”

“We have many dealers and knowledgeable contact people across the continent to support our clients. We also gladly visit farms where and whenever required,” he added.

Senter360 pivots are strong for farmers in Africa

“As mentioned before, our modular design with resulting advantages and outstanding structural falling strength of more than 2,5 times its own weight when filled with water, combined with its exceptional sideway stability withstanding winds above 158 km/h all add to its resistance to possible damage under extreme conditions. This is far more than any international competitor has to offer,” Theuns added.

Their centre pivots are made in South Africa and tailored to their client’s specific needs. “A pipe frame is used instead of the typical angle iron used for international centre pivots. With this method, we can increase the arc strength of our centre pivot while decreasing the wind resistance,” Theuns explains. Senter360 also has an internet based application for farmers to use. With an internet connection, the centre pivot can therefore be controlled from a distance from the farmer’s phone, and the application can be used to track where the pivot is.

“Our modular design, combined with its exceptional sideway stability all add to its resistance to possible damage under extreme conditions.”

Please do not hesitate to contact Theuns Dreyer directly for more information and local support: Call Senter360 at (+27)82-564-5955, or visit their website at