Accessibility, time-saving, and cost-efficiency are all essential for farmers in today’s fast-paced life with high demand for goods. Reinke South Africa exceeds expectations by addressing farmers’ needs and providing solutions that will benefit farming operations for generations to come.

With the theme of NAMPO 2024: Agriculture in the digital era, Reinke certainly did not hold back and proudly introduced their new airless pivot wheel to farmers. For Reinke, staying at the forefront of technology and offering only the best to farmers is of utmost importance.

Werner Wolvaardt, Business Development Manager for Reinke South Africa and Africa, explains more about the Shark wheel design and why it stands out in the irrigation industry.

“There are many products that look like it, but very few that work like it,” says Werner as he explains what makes the wheel so unique.

Werner Wolvaardt, Business Development Manager for Reinke South Africa and Africa, explains more about their new, popular flagship product: The Reinke Shark pivot wheel.

Werner elaborates on the benefits of the Shark pivot wheel:

  • The Shark wheel is an airless wheel that cannot go flat.
  • The wheel is easily accessible because the components can be separately removed and replaced. This saves a lot of time for the farmer since the production process in the field does not need to stop for long.
  • The wheel is designed with a seagull-wing design that compacts the ground more broadly as the wheels move forward, creating compaction in the track where the wheel runs.
  • The design of the wheel ensures that deep tracks are not left in the field, and plants are not destroyed.
  • The pivot can thus move easily without getting stuck and reach all the areas that need irrigation.
  • The Shark wheel is backed by a limited 5-year warranty.

Visitors are warmly received and welcomed at the Reinke stand.

Werner further states that it is worthwhile to fit these wheels to your pivot, especially in fields where flat tires are a frequent problem or where it is difficult to change the pivot wheels; making it a definite long-term investment.

The high demand for the new product speaks to the quality for which Reinke South Africa is known and creates new possibilities for irrigation farmers.

The special Reinke Shark pivot wheel was showcased to farmers at NAMPO.

For more information, contact Reinke South Africa by calling (+27)87-654-5828 or visiting their website. Also, check out their Facebook page.