Setting up an irrigation system can be challenging, but prompt service and the availability of parts makes it easier. Reinke knows this, that is why they recently moved their head office and parts warehouse from Durban to Potchefstroom, which is more centrally located in the country.

From the new head office, the Reinke team will continue to provide excellent service to Southern Africa and our neighbouring countries. In addition, the new warehouse is twice the size of the one in Durban. This means twice as many parts that can be kept and less waiting time.

Potchefstroom means better service delivery for Reinke

“The new expansion will allow us to broaden our reach across South Africa as well as Botswana, Namibia, and Zimbabwe,” states Patrick Ellis, the managing director of Reinke South Africa. “This means better and faster service to our existing and new customers throughout the region. In addition, the space in the warehouse will give us the opportunity to increase our customer base and our product range.”

Benefits for Reinke and the community

The expanded Reinke headquarters also creates additional job opportunities for general workers and sales representatives within the existing workforce. More hands to do the work contributes to better assistance and support for farmers.

Reinke’s team also believes in getting involved in the local community. The Potchefstroom Chamber of Commerce has already been asked for help keeping roads, sidewalks, parks, and other public places in the area clean and in good condition.

At a time when farmers are always subject to price increases, there may also be some good surprises waiting. As a result of the consolidation of the head office into a single location, some of Reinke’s services and products may even become a little cheaper.

Reinke has big plans for the future

“This new chapter will be the start of our focused expansion into countries such as Namibia, Zambia, Swaziland, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe, with the ultimate goal of strengthening our Reinke dealerships in each of those countries,” says Patrick. “We will do this by improving our marketing and technical support as well as training and moving closer to the farmers in these areas.”

The dealers who currently sell Reinke products in these African countries will benefit greatly from the move to Potchefstroom.

“When we see the opportunity to establish more Reinke dealerships in these African countries, we will permanently or temporarily place technical advisors in certain strategic locations,” Patrick explains. “Once the pivots are installed, they are not complicated to operate. The systems are robust, which means that problems rarely occur. When problems do occur, we usually help customers via the phone, but if the problem requires a visit, then we are happy to drive out to the farm.”

The Reinke team is aware that every farmer’s goal is increased output and profitability, therefore they design and manufacture products that are stronger and last longer. Along with the move to the new head office, Patrick encourages their customers to keep following all the Reinke news. “Watch this space! Reinke Africa is full of big surprises in 2023.”

Reinke offers leading products to manage you irrigation system

CropX is screwed into the ground for data collection.

Reinke encourages farmers to use CropX for better water management on their irrigation systems. CropX specialises in irrigation and soil sensing technology for farmers. This advanced technology analyses field data to predict crop inputs. Reinke’s pivots get better irrigation prescription and recommendations because of the unique connection between soil and CropX field sensors.

For more information about Reinke’s irrigation systems to suit your budget and needs, talk to Patrick Ellis at +27-(0)31-350-4525, or send an email to