Senter360 pivots are well known for their strong structure and durability due to of their construction of high-quality steel pipes. The pipe structure is lighter and more wind resistant than angle iron.

Senter360 offers farmers across Africa centre pivots that can perform and last in the tough African conditions. Their pivots are manufactured in South Africa.

“Our pivots are available with a four wheel drive system for clay areas and are fitted with tyres that are specially made for Senter360,” says Theuns Dreyer, Managing Director of Senter360. “The main idea is that it will not cause deep wheel ruts like some others.

“All the trusses on the system are made of steel pipe, unlike the typical angle iron structure. The advantages are a super strong structure and less wind resistance to prevent the pivot from toppling over in strong winds.

Various drive systems

Senter360 has a propulsion system suitable for every purpose. It can be water, electrical or petrol driven.

The water driven unit uses only water pressure to propel the pivot. No electricity is needed at the pivot circle.

The petrol driven system is more adjustable with its engine that uses 1 litre of petrol per hour.

With the electric propulsion system, the farmer can adjust the quantity of water that he wants to apply. The system will choose the speed needed to complete one rotation, from three hours to three days.

The electric system can also work with Senter360 solar panels.

Senter360 also has larger, higher pivots for taller crops. Theuns says: “The standard pivot has 3 metres crop clearance for crops such as maize; one with a higher profile (4 metres) for sugar cane; and a 5-metre high one for bananas or crops that grow extra tall.”

All Senter360 pivots can be towed to other circles to gain the most benefit from your existing equipment.

Sprayer packages

Investing in proper sprinklers is really worth your money. “Senter360 pivots use a very high quality movable sprinkler. A unit inside the sprinkler rotates to cut the droplets into specific engineered sizes and get 97% water applied into the soil,” he added.

Stainless steel control box

“The control system is a stainless steel cabinet with quality epoxy coating to ensure a long life. The standard system can be fully automated with full control from your smart phone,” says Theuns.

Control Senter360 on your smart phone

The farmer downloads the app for free. It is a web based system that the farmer can manage from his cell phone or computer. Any change of the pivot is reported to the farmer immediately through the app.

Contact Theuns Dreyer for more information at +27 (0)82- 564-5955 or visit their website