In the heart of Namibia’s agricultural environment, at Namibia Dairies in Mariental, Emile Mouton, a dedicated farmer, ushers in a new era of irrigation practices with Zimmatic technology.

With a focus on sustainable water management and improved crop yields, Emile shares insights about the farm’s evolution and the cardinal role of irrigation in their success.

He reflects on Namibia Dairies’ journey, starting from the foundation in 2009 under the Ohlthaver & List Group, a pioneering force in the agricultural sector since 1919. Located along the Fish River within the Hardap Irrigation Scheme, the farm covers 251 hectares of irrigated land, which supports a variety of crops, including summer cereals, winter wheat, and lucerne.

“The challenges we face revolve around optimising water use to meet demand,” explains Emile. This challenge necessitated a move to pivot irrigation, which allows for more precise control over water application and improved efficiency.

When discussing irrigation practices, Emile highlights the impact of Zimmatic equipment, particularly the control panel and FieldNET remote control used across the farm’s three pivot points. This technology changed their approach to farming by stimulating crop yields and reducing labour-intensive tasks.

“We have seen a significant increase in yields, ranging between 2 to 2,2 tonnes per hectare on crops irrigated with pivots and using FieldNET pivot control,” notes Emile. This improvement highlights the tangible benefits of investing in modern irrigation solutions.

Looking to the future, Namibia Dairies plans to expand its Zimmatic pivot infrastructure by adding five pivots by 2029 and phasing out flood irrigation methods.

This strategic move is in line with broader efforts to improve water management and maximise agricultural productivity.

Central to this transformation is the partnership with Aqualand Irrigation and Agriculture, one of the Zimmatic dealers in Namibia, known for its exemplary support and technical expertise.

Emile credits Aqualand with providing essential monitor reports, quick access to parts, and invaluable technical assistance.

When fellow farmers ask for his recommendations, Emile is determined. “As an agricultural manager focused on financial impacts and crop optimisation, Zimmatic pivot points are my first choice for irrigation solutions,” he states.

Through innovative technology and strategic partnerships, farmers like Emile Mouton not only adapt to changing environmental conditions, but also implement sustainable practices that ensure the future resilience of Namibia’s agricultural sector.

With Zimmatic at the helm, the outlook for Namibia’s farming community is one of promise and progress.

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