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Valley Irrigation is the only irrigation company is Africa with more than 20 years’ experience in pivot technology, assisting farmers to manage, control and share data analytics between connected devices. With Valley®, farmers have access to the most advanced technology at their fingertips. Valley® solutions provide farmers with greater efficiency, the knowledge to make smarter business decisions, and all devices are built to consider future enhancements in precision irrigation. Valley’s Connected Crop Management gives farmers the ability to turn their pivots into an extensive digital hub for their irrigation operations.

Field Commander

The industry-leading Field Commander is installed on more pivots than all competitive units combined. Compatible with virtually all linear and centre pivots, it is available in multiple configurations that offer a wide range of options.

CommanderVP® (for all Valley pre-ICON series control panels)

Valley CommanderVP® provides full remote programming of control panel functions and monitoring of irrigation machines via Valley 365. It mounts inside the panel, is delivered fully activated, and processes commands at industry leading speeds.

ICON® Link (for all Valley ICON® series control panels)

ICON® Link is built into Valley ICON® smart panels and provides full remote irrigation management from anywhere in the world. Monitor and control your irrigation machines via the Valley 365 connected crop management platform.

Crop Link

Valley Crop Link provides growers with the flexibility to monitor and control many types of equipment on the farm with one simple device. Options include flow meters, pumps, weather sensors, tank monitors, electric motors and many other features enabled by the easily configured interface.

How does Crop Link work?

Valley Crop Link sends the data it gathers from the equipment to the Valley 365 servers, where it is then merged with other monitor and control solutions’ data for viewing of all inputs on a single, easy-to-read page.

Valley Pump Command®

Valley® offers solutions for large and small farms to automate pumping operations. Save time and resources with wireless remote monitoring, plus control of all of your pumps and link them to your fleet of pivots or linears.

Valley Pump Command® is like an easy button for your pumping – just turn your pivots on, and your pump station takes care of itself. Pump Command® helps your operation pump smarter, not harder.

Aqua Trac Lite

Solar-powered device that utilises a soil moisture probe to read the soil moisture percentage, volumetric water content, temperature and salinity of the soil.

Weather Station

Valley Weather Station is an important tool to detect current weather conditions and analyse historical weather patterns. It can also assist with other aspects of crop management, such as irrigation scheduling.


Total control, anywhere! Valley® BaseStation3 gives growers unprecedented control over their operation. It’s the industry’s best on-premises solution for irrigation management in challenging terrain. Manage and control all irrigation equipment from any smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

For more information on Valley’s® Connected Crop Management solutions, contact:
Valley Sales: +27 79-505-9174
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