Algar Animal Handling Equipment pride themselves on delivering high-quality products that make your work more efficient and profitable. Their wide range of products for livestock farmers makes cattle and small stock care a breeze.

Productivity is the name of the game for Algar Animal Handling Equipment. Every product is designed to make the farmer’s life easier by reducing labour costs and the time spent on hoof care, weighing, sorting, dosing, and any other animal management tasks. This is possible because the equipment can be operated by one person, meaning fewer people are required to perform the tasks at hand. The effectiveness of every machine also ensures that less time is wasted on moving animals around — or running after them.

At the NAMPO Alfa Expo in September 2022, the Algar team demonstrated to farmers just how easy the equipment is to operate. They showcased a variety of their products, ensuring that there is something for every livestock farmer.

Animal handling equipment for the cattle farmer

Amongst the weight plates and cattle system, there were other important equipment that aids in working with cattle:

Cattle crush

The cattle adjustable crush narrows from 750 to 300 millimetres, making sure that all cattle of different shapes and sizes fit perfectly. Your livestock will not be moving and turning around! The neck clamp in the front effectively opens from the top to the bottom.

Cattle neck and body clamp

Algar durable clamp promotes efficient work performance. It has eleven access gates, including an emergency exit. This means little stress on the cattle with maximum safety for humans and cattle.

Algar’s cattle neck and body clamp ensures your cattle is secured when you work with them – making the job easier and safer for you and the animal.

Animal handling equipment for the sheep farmer

Sheep creep gates assist in making feeding so much easier. On top of that, other equipment at the show included the following:

Sheep tilt

One person can operate the tilt. The sheep walks into the device, the clamp holds the animal firmly and then flips the sheep onto its back. From here the farmer can work on the hooves and have access to the underside of the sheep.

Sheep hybrid crate

These crates are available with or without a neck clamp, and options to add weight plates and an automated system. This multiple function crate provides the farmer with the ability to class the animals into three categories, clamp, scan, and weigh.

3-way sort

This piece of equipment is handy for classing animals. The sheep walks into the crate from where one of two gates are opened to send the animals into the kraal they need to be.

Sheep clamp

The sheep is clamped to ensure it doesn’t move around when dosing or tagging the animal.

Something for everyone from Algar

Algar Animal Handling Equipment also includes other equipment that any farmer with animals can use:

Sweep tubs

Available in sizes that are designed for cattle, sheep or goats, the sweep tubs gently guide a large group of livestock into a concentrated point such as a crush.

JayLor TMR mixer

The JayLor self-propelled feed mixer cuts feed and mixes rations. It can be driven to the feed troughs or to where bags are filled. This mixer is ideal for intensieve farming, and is generally a good purchase for anyone because it is not a tractor-drawn machine.

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