Algar Livestock Handling Equipment’s top-quality products are at the forefront of the market. With products that constantly deliver innovative solutions, Algar is a proud supplier of animal handling equipment to livestock producers nationwide.

It is important to Algar that both farmers and cattle are safe while work is occurring. Algar’s products also help to reduce the stress levels of the animals because they can move through the kraal and be handled quickly and efficiently. According to studies, the faster and more comfortable handling of your animals results in healthier animals that retain a better condition.

The technology Algar offers is made to work hard and be durable. Our Neck and Body Clamps, for example, are cutting-edge products made from 2 or 3-mm square pipe. The Neck clamp’s doors open the full width of the crush, allowing any animal — large, small, or pregnant — to pass through comfortably. The locking mechanism is also such a marvel. It locks firmly anywhere you need it to; no matter where you decide to stop your doors, they will stay locked! The product also boasts 11 access gates — one of which is an emergency exit for when you need to get your cattle out of the crush quickly. This is the only neck and body clamp on the market that has an emergency exit.

Another useful product is the sheep tilt. This product is worth its weight in gold! For any sheep producer who wants to work quickly and easily with their animals, this machine makes these tasks a breeze. The tilt turns a sheep completely onto its back, making the hooves more accessible; it then helps to work quickly on the animal’s hooves before they go back to the Kraal.

Algar is also the proud supplier of Jaylor TMR feed mixers and carvers. The products are imported from Canada. They show their worth in the feedlot but are also perfect for a dairy. There are different options on the feed mixers: from a single waggon that you can hook onto a tractor, to a double self-propelled feed mixer.  The mixer has a blade on the auger that cuts the feed according to the lengths you need. It is equipped with a built-in scale, making it easy to ensure you have the right feed rations. The mixer also has a built-in motor that makes it easy to move the feed to exactly where you need to feed the animals.

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