For more than 44 years, Chemvet has been a reliable company known for standing firmly behind the agricultural community.

Chemvet has been trusted since 1979 as a manufacturer and distributor of the very best fencing and steel products.

This company’s products and services are of the highest quality.


This company offers an extensive range of expanded steel and fencing products which includes the following:

Steel: A and B grade tubing, roof sheets, steel sheeting, lip channels, angle irons, solid steel columns, and IPE’s

Fencing: Game, electric, security and livestock fencing, palisade, defence, and hinge joint

Construction: Poultry and pig housing, barns, stores, tailor-made steps, and railing

Miscellaneous gates: Sliding, farm, diamond mesh, or tailor-made gates

Freestanding steel towers


Chemvet’s products are manufactured locally and distributed nationwide, as well as to South Africa’s neighbouring countries.

Chemvet supplies top-quality galvanized, heavy-duty material that meets all SABS standards.

The advantage of Chemvet’s manufacturing capacity is that the company can produce products according to the customer’s needs,  it is therefore purpose-built for specific project needs, such as fencing to keep problem animals out of breeding camps, for livestock farming or game farms.

The wire blocks of hinge joint can be manufactured larger or smaller at different heights to cater to the clients needs, customized solution.

Since Chemvet has diversified into steel and fencing products, it can combine a tailored load to deliver everything to the farmer from a single point.

Chemvet is cost-efficient because its manufacturing facility is located at its head office and factory in Germiston, Gauteng.

Chemvet has ample stock on its entire product lines. Feel free to contact this expert team today for a quote.

Enquiries: 011 437 9000; web: