Every farm is different, therefore your farm security shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all-approach. With electric fences, you have the ultimate flexibility in farm security and animal movement control. Plus, you can save up to 35% on the costs compared to traditional fences.

Gallagher has assisted farmers all over Southern Africa in constructing fences for many different applications. The most obvious might be for border fences that control wildlife intrusions.

The shock from an electric fence deters animals from rubbing against fences or attempting to crawl through. It makes a lasting phycological impact, teaching the animals to stay away from the fence in the first place.

Electric fences for crops and livestock

Electric fences are an effective measure for keeping predators away from livestock. To protect sheep and vulnerable animals from being attacked by caracal or jackal, for instance, fences that are specifically modified for this can be used.


Alternatively, if you have a mixed farm, farming with both crops and livestock, an electrified perimeter fence that surrounds crops can be useful in crop protection. This keeps cattle from grazing on the plants by dividing pastures and fields separate.

Game and wildlife ranching

Gallagher has erected game fences that successfully contain game and regulate elephant breaks. In fact, in one particular case in the northern parts of South Africa, a client has reported that the reserve has been elephant-break free for over seven years.

The fence was originally constructed to discourage elephants from breaking though, but also contain white rhino, buffalo, giraffe, eland, plains game, antelope, cheetah, wild dogs, leopard, and the occasional lion.

The 43 km fence uses four energizer systems that deliver high-voltage power output. Different stations use different power supply, either solar or mains. The solar option is a good choice in remote areas that may not have access to the power grid.

In Namibia, even the government has seen the benefit of power fences as the Meat Board of Namibia has turned to Gallagher to assist with erecting the Red Line Project. It aims to establish a physical barrier that mitigates contact between wild buffalo in the north and cattle farmers in the south to prevent spreading disease. This is vital because diseases like Foot and Mouth Disease can severely damage the Namibian meat industry.

A mining client in Botswana, on the other hand, uses electric fences to prevent animal intrusions, mostly stopping baboons and leopards from damaging mining equipment.

If that is how effective Gallagher electric fences are in controlling animals, imagine how effective it will be to protect your family!

Home and farm security


Gallagher’s electric fences are a good choice to protect your homestead. The fences can be constructed with up to six zones to help with fault-finding and in specific areas around your home. What is more, it can be connected to a siren to ensure that your alarm wards off criminals.

There is a range of energizers available for this purpose. The best part is that Gallagher has solutions that circumvent the power challenges South Africa experiences. The MBS-series of energisers have been specifically designed to be powered by either solar energy systems or batteries, apart from the main power supply. You can thus rest assured that your family is safe, even during the dark hours
of loadshedding.

To find out more about the security fencing solutions Gallagher has, or about the new water monitoring equipment, visit their website at https://gallaghersa.co.za/ or call Mark Smit at 083-297-6079 for enquiries. Find us at: 43 Saturn Crescent Linbro Business Park, Frankenwald, Sandton, 2090