TXL Bovelder was one of the first herds bred in the Limpopo region in 1994. These Bovelders are thick, hardy and phenomenal adaptable bulls that run on severe heart water, red water and bile disease area. These bulls are not just a treat for the eyes, but functional, sustainable and an asset to any herd.

On offer:
• 25 strictly selected bulls
• 60 top genetic Bovelder females

* All bulls tested negative for double muscling: nt821, Q204X, and F94L.
* Animals run on severe heart water, red water, and gall disease fields.
Free transport to Harrismith

Francois Uijs (marketer) at +27 83 627 6835
Sors Snyman (auctioneer) at +27 72 841 7262
Meat Centre Bosveld/Vivo at +27 15 491 3141

If you want to market your auction, contact:
Lynette van Tonder, 074 694 4422, lynette@agri4all.com
Tiny Smith, 082 698 3353, tiny@agri4all.com