What you feed your dogs is one of the most important choices a dog owner can make. Choosing the right diet for your dog is not always an easy decision, but with Tiger Animal Feeds as specialist feed producer you cannot go wrong.

Dogs rely on their owners to meet all their feeding needs, which include a well-balanced diet containing all the vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins they require to grow and be healthy.

It is important to remember that the age and different stages of growth have different feed requirements. Puppies, for instance, will require a higher protein diet when compared to adult dogs because they are still growing in structure, frame, and muscle.

A key point to remember is that dogs’ stomachs are sensitive to sudden changes in diet, so try not to change the type of feed often as this may lead to vomiting and/or diarrhoea. Overfeeding may also result in the dog vomiting or becoming overweight.

If a change is required, gradually add the new feed to the old one over a period of three days. This will allow the dog’s gut to adjust to the new feed.

The Top Dog pellets come in 5 kg, 10 kg, and 20 kg bags.

Nutrient content of Top Dog

Top Dog contains the following ingredients: Maize meal, meat and bone meal, cooked soya, wheat bran, vitamins, minerals, and flavouring.

Proteins Min 18 %
Fibre Max 8%
Fat Min 6%
Calcium Min 1,2%
Phosphorus Min 1%

Feed description

  • Top Dog is a complete and fully balanced dog food.
  • Top Dog is produced in the form of extruded pellets and is available in the following quantities: 5 kg, 10 kg, and 20 kg bags.
  • Only Grade A (for human consump­tion) cereal grains are used to produce the feed.

Feeding recommendations are quoted on the reverse side of each bag.

Medication or special additives

  • There are no special additives or medications in this feed.
  • Flavour enhancers (chicken flavour) are used.
  • It contains real meat and bone meal.

General comments

  1. It is not necessary to wet or cook the Top Dog before feeding.
  2. The feed can be fed as it is, accord­ing to the recommended feeding instructions.
  3. Clean, fresh drinking water must always be available.
  4. Due to the higher fat content of the feed, please store the feed in a cool, dry place to maximise shelf life.
  5. Top Dog should not be stored for more than four months after the date of production.

Top Dog is available in the market, so, give your pet the good feed it deserves!

Please contact Brian Sitali, Tiger Animal Feeds’ Technical Advisor, at +260-978-686-441 or +260-967-946-215, send an e-mail to brian.sitali@tigerfeeds.com.zm or visit their website at www.tigerfeeds.com for additional information.