The universe and all therein consist of frequencies at the smallest, or quantum, level. Each organism has its own unique frequency, which it can be manipulated with.

To expose an organism to its own outpace frequency cancels out the frequencies that will kill or drive the organism away. While the in-phase frequency allows the organism to grow better.

In this way, one can control everything on the farm without the use of expensive chemicals. The excessive use of pollutants is destroying the soil and environment. Frequencies also make it easier to produce organically and chemically free.It’s easier to produce non-toxic export products for Global Gap and it works preventively which improves results and quality.

Frequencies can be measured on the farm to ensure that you do receive them.

Frequencies can replace most chemical applications and do much more, here follows a list of current applications;

• Preventive insect and fungus control.
• Nematode control.
• Plant nutrients and trace element supplements, even where it is too hot for the roots to function optimally.
• Tick and internal parasite control
• Animal growth and nutrition stimulation.
• Plant growth stimulation and stimulation of soil organisms.
• Pest control, birds, foxes, pigs, monkeys, baboons etc.
• Weed control.
• Fire and fire control, reduce fire temperature, also preventive fire control.
• Water quality improvement, improves plant and animal growth, as well as purification of pipes, elements and filters, purification and sterilisation.
• Clean and keep pipes and drippers clean.
• Frost and cold protection of plants.
• Improves cooling efficiency and lowers pumping costs through reduced surface tension.
• Improves combustion and fuel usage, saves fuel with more power.

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