Located in the picturesque countryside, Kroonstad is home to a breed of sheep known for their exceptional adaptability. The Merino Landskaap is a magnificent sheep, according to Alfredo Garcao, from their soft, shiny wool and beautiful appearance to their hardiness and adaptability.

In 1995, after Alfredo Garcao fell in love with the Merino Landskaap at a sheep show, the Garcao farm proudly started breeding with the sheep. Alfredo has been breeding for some time, faithful to the Merino Landskaap lines. Formulated by the genetic crossings of Piet Delport and Ben Du Plessis, the result is sheep with strong heads and an exceptional build.

On offer:

  • 300 stud and commercial ewes
  • 30 stud rams


Martin Garcao (Co-Owner) at 084 552 4801
Alfredo Garcao (Co-Owner) at 082 635 0222
Karel du Plessis (Sheep and Wool Officer) on 082 826 3244
Jan Mostert (Auctioneer) on 083 306 8408
Piet Wessels (BKB) on 082 857 7827

If you want to market your auction contact:

Lynette van Tonder – 074 694 4422 – lynette@agri4all.com
Tiny Smith – 082 698 3353 – tiny@agri4all.com