A Biofilm is an often invisible community of bacteria which can build up on any equipment or surface. Many species of bacteria can form in a biofilm and this can play a significant role in harbouring and transferring pathogens.

A biofilm is usually undetectable by eye, however an extreme build up may cause a yellow or white scum to appear.


Even low levels of the wrong bacteria can cause a calf to scour. persistent scour is both detrimental to both calf health and long term performance.


  • Make sure initial rinse water is not too hot
  • Brushing is not thorough enough
  • Be aware of damaged equipment
  • To effectively clean your feeding equipment, you will need to use both detergent & disinfectant.
  • Always dry your equipment
  • Avoid washing without chemicals
  • Ensure the main washing water is not too cool

Biofilms release bacteria and contaminate the milk everytime the equipment is used.

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