The available bulls are part of the herd for at least a year. They also come from the red water and gall disease area, both of which are located below the Van Reenen Pass. In addition to fertility and tuberculosis tests, trichomoniasis and Brucellosis (Contagious Abortion) tests are also carried out on all the females. The herd has been free of the above diseases for the past decade.

On offer:

  • 30 bulls
  • 150 heifers in calf


Jandré Moll (BKB) on 082 307 9169

Martin Campher (Owner) on 083 620 0050

Deon Stefmann (BKB) on 079 878 2109

Jan Mostert (Auctioneer) on 083 306 8408

If you want to market your auction contact:

Lynette van Tonder – 074 694 4422 –

Tiny Smith – 082 698 3353 –