Algar with their top-quality Livestock handling equipment is a familiar face at NAMPO, and this year farmers once again got the chance to visit Algar to see how they make life easier for farmers. “We manufacture animal handling equipment for small and big livestock,” says Charlotte Esterhuizen of Algar Livestock handling equipment.

“NAMPO is always a highlight on our calendar, seeing all the new and old faces, and interacting with the clients is always wonderful,” Charlotte adds.

With livestock farmers who’s profit margins getting tighter with higher input costs and challenges in the market, it is of utmost importance to work as efficient as possible on each farm, that is why Algar’s Livestock handling equipment is designed with the farmers needs in mind – saving them time and money.

Algar’s sheep neck clamp grabbed a lot of attention at NAMPO. The clamp is designed to keep the sheep steady and comfortable during working or vaccination.

Charlotte Esterhuizen tells the ProAgri team at NAMPO more about the sheep neck clamp.

“This clamp is ideal for farmers if they want to handle their sheep easier. The clamp’s closing mechanism doesn’t have any gears that should hook into one another, which means that the doors of the clamp can stop and close at the right place, ensuring that your animals can’t move or get injured,” Charlotte explains.

The clamp is also an H-type clamp, which means that the doors of the clamp opens the full width of your crush area.

The sheep neck clamp is 900 mm high. Algar also manufactures neck clamps for bucks and claves, which is 1,2 meter high.

Farmers can buy the neck clamp individually and add it to your current crush or working area.

For more information and the best after-sales service contact Charlotte at 082-324-6256, email, or visit their webpage at: