#browngold. That is the slogan of Newquip, because they understand the value and cost of proper fertiliser.

Newquip is a family business that has been running for 25 years. They are proud leaders in agricultural equipment as well as manure handling products. They both produce and supply products for all intensive animal farming.

One of their revolutionary products is their Pichon manure or muck spreader. The different models have a capacity of 8 to 24 m3 with a spreading width of up to 20 m. In the tractor the variable rate controller will automatically adjust the flow of manure.

“It is a very popular product,” Martin Hobbs, owner of Newquip explains. The spreader is fully galvanised, this helps protect the steel from the very corrosive manure.

Nico Botha from Newquip demonstrates how to use their soap for cleaning animal pens.

“The one thing that really separates us from the rest of the market, is the suspension on the drawbar. It allows the machine to run nice and steady without bumping.” Martin also describes it as a very big, very robust machine.

Walking to the back of the machine, Martin says: “Now this is where the party really starts. At the back there is a guillotine door that opens up. This is where we spread the dung. It can spread between 15 and 20 metres wide.” He also makes sure to point out the big, floatation tyres.

“This is really one of the top machines in the country, and the price is not bad as well.” It can spread any type of manure.

Another one of their top products is the slurry tanker. It uses a vacuum pump to suck up the slurry and then blows it out onto your fields. It ranges from 7 000 to 20 000 litres. “This is a very popular product in our country.”

Nico Botha says that the Newquip teats are designed with the animal’s best interest at heart.

Care for your animals the Newquip way

Nico Botha, Sales Representative, is also very excited about the Newquip products, especially the animal management products. He tells a bit more about their new series that they launched this year, called the HyBag system. This product is a special cleaning detergent for intensive animal keeping.

What makes the product unique, is that the soap gets packaged in a little bag, which makes it easier to control the quantity of product used. Every bag contains a certain amount of product to cover a certain area, so you know exactly how much you are supposed to be used. “You know exactly how much you are using, and the amount of wastage is much less.” Nico says.

The detergent is applied directly to your pressure washer. The soap has a bonding time of between 20 and 30 minutes, which gives you enough time to properly clean the pen.

Nico explains that Newquip also designs and supplies Milk Bar systems for lambs and calves. The teat is made in such a way, that it allows saliva to be produced from the hard sucking motion, which has many health and growth benefits and simulates a more natural way of drinking.

It is available in different sizes to cater for the layouts of different farms.

Martin Hobbs, the owner Newquip and Malcolm Petzer, Sales Representative, are proud of the solutions they offer to farmers.

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