Phosphate is traditionally the only summer supplement in South Africa, but it often happens that phosphate alone during the summer and late summer is not always sufficient for optimal production and reproduction of farm animals.

During years of poorer grass production as well as mid to late summer when proteins in the grass are insufficient or starts to decrease, supplementing a small amount of protein (nitrogen) in the form of urea is beneficial to ensure optimal animal production. Unpublished trials have shown that the daily supplementation of 50 to 80 g of protein to cattle, promotes animal production and limits unnecessary weight losses.

To address this problem of a protein deficiency, Yara Animal Nutrition has developed a product called PhosPro 17. PhosPro 17 contains 6 % phosphate and 17 % protein in the form of urea, to ensure maximum digestion and intake of pasture. Phospro 17 is not only a phosphate and protein supplement but is also unique in that it is weather resistant. Phospro 17 is enriched with a molasses by-product and when it rains, it forms a crust on top of the product. Animals quickly learn to break this crust after the rain and continue to eat the dry lick underneath. Less lick therefore needs to be thrown away as a result of rain damage.  Phospro 17 also contains all the most important trace minerals to ensure a regular daily intake of trace minerals for optimal health, production and reproduction.

PhosPro 17 has the following composition:

Tabel 1                 Composition of PhosPro 17

  g/kg   mg/kg
Protein (min) 170 Copper 300
From Urea (max) 100 % Manganese 1200
Moisture (max) 100 Zinc 1200
Calcium (max) 120 Cobalt 3
Phosphate (min) 60 Iodine 30
Selenium 8

Feeding Recommendation

PhosPro 17 is a convenient, ready-mixed product and can be fed to cattle, sheep and goats during the summer or autumn without any further mixing.

Tabel 2                 Daily Recommended Intake

Cattle (g/day) Sheep/Goats (g/day)
Non Lactating, nature

Growing, late pregnant








Give your animals what they  need, give them PhosPro 17!

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