Through the years Mylpaal Boerdery experimented with different cattle breeds (Beefmasters among others). We came to the conclusion that Beefmaster is the way to go – ideal for cross breeding and improvement of any breed.

In 2010, Mylpaal Boerdery started the Milestone Beefmaster stud. Commercial cows (from a large gene pool) were approved as foundation animals. To instate good genes, the bull, WO 08 479, was used in an intensive AI program in the early years. We additionally strived to invest in very good bulls to complement our breeding principle of corrective mating. We believe that as in nature: “Opposites keep the hybrid vigour alive.”

Our first production auction was held in 2013. In that year MS 13 191 (nick name – Lotta) was bred – an extraordinary bull that was sold to Schyff Beefmasters in 2016 for R150 000.00. He was later selected to be on the front page of the 2017 Beefmaster Journal and July 2017 edition of Veeplaas magazine.

Since then, the stud performed well in annual actions, as indicated by good average prices every year.

Initially our main aim was to breed bulls for the commercial market, as was reflected in our motto: “The commercial farmer’s partner.”

In the early years, Milestone Beefmasters was mostly supported by commercial farmers. We are proud to say that, since then, several  Beefmasters Stud Breeders have used Milestone’s genetic material to improve their studs.

Are we doing something right? Maybe … ór maybe not. Who knows.

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