In the bustling heart of Gauteng, nestled just 10 kilometres outside Carletonville, lies a beacon of innovation in the agricultural landscape – Algar Ind BK. For over a decade, this pioneering company has been at the forefront of revolutionising livestock handling equipment, catering to the diverse needs of farmers across the country.

At Algar Ind BK, we understand that no two farms are alike. Each operation has its unique requirements and challenges, which is why we offer a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers. With three distinct ranges – Standard (SD), Low Duty (LD), and Heavy Duty (HD) – our products are designed with precision and expertise to ensure optimum performance and durability.

From cattle to sheep, goats to pigs, our extensive lineup of livestock handling equipment is crafted to perfection, providing farmers with solutions that are as reliable as they are efficient. With a reputation for unparalleled quality, our products are widely regarded as the best in the country, boasting a track record of longstanding performance without issues.

But our commitment to excellence doesn’t end with the sale. At Algar Ind BK, we take immense pride in offering top-quality aftersales services, ensuring that our customers receive ongoing support and assistance whenever they need it. From installation to maintenance, we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with their purchases.

One of our flagship offerings is the Jaylor self-driven mini-feed mixers, exclusively imported by Algar Ind BK. Ideal for startup livestock farmers who may not have access to tractors, these mixers are equipped with a powerful Honda motor and hydraulic drive for the augers, making feed preparation a breeze. Designed to navigate through most terrains, these mixers are a testament to our commitment to innovation and practicality.

Among our best-selling products is the cattle neck and body clamp, renowned for its versatility and reliability. Featuring 11 access gates, a H-type neck clamp, and a sure catch mechanism, it ensures secure handling while minimising stress for both farmer and animal. Add-ons like the AI box and neck hold further enhance its functionality, making livestock management a seamless experience.

In our sheep range, the sheep tilt stands out as a top performer, offering a safe and efficient solution for hoof maintenance. Designed with the safety and comfort of both farmers and animals in mind, it exemplifies our dedication to creating products that prioritise ease of use and ergonomic design.

Another product that we take immense pride in is our adjustable alley panels, which simplify working with both calves and fully grown bulls in the same kraal, as well as lambs to fully grown rams. This innovative solution enhances efficiency and productivity, allowing farmers to streamline their operations with ease.

At Algar Ind BK, our mission is simple – to revolutionise the way farmers approach livestock handling. With a steadfast focus on safety, comfort, and reliability, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, empowering farmers to achieve greater success in their operations. Join us in shaping the future of agriculture, one farm at a time.

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