Calling all farmers and feedlot owners – Steel Tube and Pipe has loading ramps!

The owners of this company are farmers themselves. After critically assessing their own needs and through trial and error, they finally settled on creating a loading ramp that is perfectly designed to fit the needs and requirements of a farmer.

Chantel Gouws, Director and Owner of Steel Tube and Pipe explains that a loading ramp is a structure used to assist in loading or unloading livestock for transportation. This loading ramp can be either stationary or mobile.

Whether you are transporting cattle, sheep or horses, it is crucial to do it safely. This is where the loading ramp provides a solution.

The loading ramps that Steel Tube and Pipe produces are extremely convenient for farmers, as it can be custom built according to their needs. It offers adjustable height. Furthermore, it can be fitted with either a wheelbarrow wheel or an axle with highspeed wheels, making it super easy to move.

The loading ramp has wheels that makes it easy to move around.

The benefit of an adjustable ramp is that it can be adjusted to different heights, as the name suggests. This means that it can be made higher or lower to fit whichever vehicle you are using, for example if you are using a truck today but tomorrow you prefer using your bakkie.

Chantel explains that their loading ramps are extremely safe. It is designed with a safety chain to avoid injuries to operators. They have also added an A-frame that is easy to remove and can be locked away to prevent theft.

Chantel says this is one of the critical factors to take into consideration when buying a loading ramp. Along with that the ramp enables a steady flow when loading and off-loading animals.

When designing their loading ramps, Steel Tube had two goals in mind: it had to be durable and easy to operate. They certainly succeeded in achieving these goals. As the name suggests, these ramps are made from steel tubes welded neatly and securely with CO2 welding.

The angle of the loading ramp can be adjusted according to the height of your vehicle.

Combining all these factors resulted in loading ramps that are strong, durable and has a weight handling capacity of up to 2 000 kg!

Steel Tube and Pipe believes in building relationships with their customers and strives to bring customer satisfaction. That is also why they offer nationwide delivery.

To make use of their products and become another happy customer, contact Steel Tube and Pipe at 066-556-8616 or 010-023-0786, or the cell phone numbers (+27)72-879-4871 or (+27)84-608-4239. Should you with to contact them via e-mail, use or