Time and labour can be saved, life can be much easier and nicer if a stock farmer has the right livestock handling equipment.

Algar Livestock Handling Equipment is a trusted company with the aim of helping livestock farmers to do their work efficiently.

The orange and grey equipment is well known at NAMPO Cape for sturdy livestock handling solutions that are safe for animals and humans alike.

They see NAMPO Cape as a platform to connect with their customers.

Charlotte Esterhuizen from Algar tells more about their products:

Their most popular product is the Neck and body clamp. It is an asset for every cattle farmer.

Algar’s most famous product, their Neck and body clamp.

The clamp tightens against the animal’s body so that the farmer can work safely and easily with his farmer.

It narrows from 750 mm to 300 mm.

The neck and body clamp is made in two versions(the LD and HD version). The light duty model is intended for farmers with smaller herds. The heavy-duty range is built with 3 mm steel and 50 x 50mm square tubing, and will last a lifetime. This heavy duty range is recommended for feedlots and intensive farming.

This crate has eleven access gates to give the farmer access to every part of the animal. One of these gates is an emergency exit to release the animal from the crate immediately.

The neck clamp on the crate works the same as the other Algar neck clamps.

It is a H-type which means that the gates can open from top to bottom.

It has the advantage that big livestock like pregnant cows can easily move in and out of the clamp.

The clamps locking mechanism does not have gears that needs to hook up. Now the farmer can stop the doors at any place and your animal won’t move and won’t be strangled.

Algar’s hybrid sheep crate.

The hybrid sheep crate has many functions like weighting, clamping and class and sorting. The farmer can set how big the clamp must be and can work easily with his livestock.

“You can also move the crate around to use as a three direction gate,” says Charlotte.

A handy piece of equipment is Algar’s sheep tilt.

The Algar sheep tilt works for sheep and goats. It makes it easy to handle animals and ensures that they experience the least possible stress.

The entrance ramp can be moved so that the sheep can enter from either side. After entering, the sheep is clamped and turned completely upside down. Now the farmer has full control over the sheep. Only one person is required to work with the tilt, and the animal does not have to stand in an exact place to be clamped for tilting.

This makes the process of clipping your sheep’s claws, test for pregnancy, or crutching the sheep easier. Afterwards, the sheep is turned back and placed on its legs so that it can walk calmly down the other side of the incline and out of the gate.

Algar’s Jaylor TMR feed mixers are ideal for intensive and emerging farmers because you don’t need a separate tractor to drive it.

Algar’s Jaylor feed mixer.

The full feed mixer is powered by an 16 horsepower Honda petrol engine. The JayLor mixer is self-propelled with zero turn mobility and the ability to work and move in small spaces to give animals feed.

The unit can mix between 500 kg and 1 000 kg depending on the material being mixed. The angled shape of the mixers in the drum ensure quick and thorough mixing while maintaining the required fibre structure.The full-feed mixer has an easy and simple outlet, which can be adjusted, opened and closed by hand.

For more information about the best livestock handling equipment, please contact Charlotte at 082-324-6256,send an e-mail to algar@algar.co.za, or visit their website at www.algar.co.za.