Algar’s livestock equipment is well known under farmers. Their systems are designed by farmers for farmers. At NAMPO 2024 Algar launched their new Bielie kraal setup. This system consists of a Bielie clamp, Bielie crush and Bielie swing gate.

Charlotte Esterhuizen from Algar Livestock Equipment says that the Bielie kraal is specially designed to handle your livestock fast and with less stress. First is the Bielie crush. The 210 degrees swing gate makes it easy to lead your animals into the passage.

The gate locks as you move it and the inner panel of the pen itself moves with the swing gate. This closes the dead space so that your cattle cannot push back.

Algar’s systems also have unique adjustable crushes that can be set from 750 to 350 mm. This prevents your calves from turning around in the crush.

The crush ends with an H-type neck clamp that opens the full width of the crush. The clamps’ doors lock anywhere.

“It doesn’t matter where your neck clamp fits, where it is, there it stays,” says Charlotte.

They also launched the Bielie box. This sturdy handling space has the same H-type neck clamp as the crush and can open the full width of the crush.

The box has eleven access gates making it easy to reach every spot on your animal.

Charlotte explains: “You can reach the neck, the front hooves and also the back. The lower gate can be used as a milking gate if you have a calf that needs to drink.”

The bar in the middle of the box’s side can also be removed when you want to brand your animals.

With this Bielie kraal you get all the advantages that Algar’s livestock equipment has offered for years, but now also more affordable. The sides of the crushes and neck clamps are a bit lower but they deliver the same efficiency to help you handle your animals.

Algar is the manufacturer of neck clamps, body clamps, equipment for sheep, tilts and any other products you need for your livestock handling.

Visit their website at to find out more about their Bielie kraal and all their other products.