Summer Sale 2022 saw sellers of dormer sheep and Santa cattle come together to present an auction with top genetic material.

Dormerific Dormers, Santarific Santas and Sombrero Santas held the Summer Sale Auction at Be Human, just outside of Bloemfontein, South Africa.

In spite of the challenges with Foot-and-Mouth-Disease (FMD) in the country, the sellers were able to present the cattle to auction online. Arrangements were in place for buyers to pick up the cattle after the livestock movement bad was lifted.

Bulls sold for an average of R 82 000, with the highest bid closing at R 280 000.

The Dormer sheep achieved good prices across the board. Stud rams averaged at R18 300. The top ram, Checkmate, was sold to Danie Thomas from Kairos Dormers for R 140 000.

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