Tal-Tec has been designing and building cost-effective livestock handling equipment for 50 years now to make the livestock farmer’s work easier. This this their 30th year at NAMPO. They are always excited to be at NAMPO because it is where they can show their equipment to farmers.

Greg Talbot, CEO of Tal-Tec, proudly showed Tal-Tec’s inventive equipment to thousands of interested farmers at NAMPO. Tal-Tec has a cattle working crate, perfect for cattle procedures such as vaccination.

“The cattle crate has a neck clamp in front and a sliding gate at the rear. As an optional extra the LS4 scale (1000 mm loadbars) can be bolted to the bottom of the crate,” Greg explained.

The cattle crate is made out of durable steel to handle any breed of cattle. This year Tal-Tec released their new water troughs, which are galvanised. The previous water troughs were made out of mild steel and farmers are looking for more durable products, therefore Tal-Tec decided to make the water troughs out of 1,6 mm galvanised sheets to extend the lifespan of the item so it can last longer and increase the durability.

With the new design, the water troughs are also stackable, which makes it much easier and cheaper for transport. The water troughs come with a protective lid cover over the ball valve, so the animal won’t be able to damage the valve. The sheep spray race with pump is an economical and easy way to dip your sheep or goats. It sprays from the bottom, top, sides and under the tail using 16 jets. The spray race sprays about 1 litre of dip mixture per sheep. The pump and tank can be purchased separately. It works with a solenoid which gets triggered once the animal walks past the sensor. Tal-Tec’s 2,3 m cattle ring feeders are also available in 1,4 m for tollies.

There are different sizes of water troughs available.

  • Cattle water troughs – 2,45 m (400lt)
  • Sheep/Goat Water Troughs – 1,25 m (43 l) 2,45 m (95 l)

Other useful livestock handling equipment from Tal-Tec:

  • Kraal sides
  • Clamps
  • Feeders
  • Loading ramps
  • Bass boats
  • Mobile units
  • Scales
  • Branding equipment

For more information and prices visit www.tal-tec.co.za or call Tal-Tec at (+27)12-250-2188 or WhatsApp (+27)66-299-7939 e-mail sales@ taltec.co.za