To provide the best possible start for your calves it is firstly important to understand what the calf needs.

A Farm enterprise is a longer-term business model than most people consider, driven by developing better production animals more efficiently. The first few weeks of life will have the biggest impact on this objective, and therefore the biggest impact on the profitability of your business.

The Magic of milk: why is it special?

Milk is a complex collection of ingredients designed specifically to ‘communicate’ to the calf. It does several critical jobs:

  1. Provides key nutrients for growth
  2. Primes the immune system
  3. Assist in pathogen control
  4. Shapes future growth and development

These objectives are predominantly delivered by bioactive components which are at their highest in colostrum, but present at lower levels in milk.

They make a positive difference to the outcome of the calf – to help program it for long term success.

Whey Protein: Why is it fundamental for calf programming?

Whey contains high levels of the programming material needed for this development. However, it is important to note that NOT all whey is the same.

*Farrell et al. (2004, J. Dairy Sci. 87: 1641-1674) and other sources

Manufacturing Technology: Why is the whey used in Volac milk replacers unique?

Volac’s manufacturing technology captures all the key ingredients of milk and forms the base of Volac’s milk replacer range. This is achieved by a combination of filtered, evaporated and gently sorted milk constituents that are collected from whey at a low temperature ultrafiltration process.

These include proteins, fats & sugars, resulting in a highly nutritious bioactive complex known as IMUNOPRO®.

IMUNOPRO® process is illustrated in the figure below.

The IMUNOPRO difference: the evidence on Protein


The IMUNOPRO difference: the evidence on Fat

Milk Fat exist in droplets of oil surrounded by a membrane containing other fats called phospholipids and sphingolipids. These support calf gut maturation and have anti-bacterial properties.

These are essential nutrients for the growth and health of young animals.

IMUNOPRO concentrates 16 X the amount of fats in comparison with whey or skim powders.

The IMUNOPRO difference: the evidence on Sugars

IMUNOPRO contains bovine milk oligosaccharides (BMOs).

Modern analytical technology reveals a rich mixture of complex sugars – oligosaccharides – in milk, many of which are bound to proteins and lipids.

Research is establishing in both humans and farm livestock, the important role these sugars play in steering the development of a healthy population of bacteria – the microbiome – in the infant gut.

We know oligosaccharides are enriched in the calf milk formula ingredients we manufacture from whey.

The Guarantee: What you can expect of Volac milk replacers

  • Consistently supplying the same high-quality performance in every bag
  • Everything we’ve learnt about milk formulas over 45 years
  • IMUNOPRO® inside – the magic of milk
  • Performance, not cost formulated
  • Specific health packages
  • Transparent specification and formulation breakdown

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