In the early 1940’s, the Southern Rhodesia government (now known as Zimbabwe) promoted a cattle improvement scheme to improve the local “native” cattle breeds. Mr Len Harvey, an agricultural advisor from South Africa supported this initiative strongly.

Through the nature of Mr. Harvey’s work where he was stationed, he noticed that the Tswana-type cattle in the Southwestern corner of the country that the cattle had a distinctive yellow Sanga colour. These cattle were in good condition and well-adapted to their environment. The native Rhodesian cattle breed- Tuli was registered in 1955.

In 1962 Mr Len Harvey was awarded M.B.E. by the Queen of England for his contribution to the Southern Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) agriculture. The Tuli Cattle breed was granted the Freedom of the City of Bulawayo in 1969, hereby recognising the impact in just a few years in the beef industry.

Margi Harvey, in honour of her late father-in-law, Len Harvey, bought the farm M33 (Mcleantown) in 2014. Her pioneer spirit and the love of family history led her to the establishment of the Shashi Tuli Stud as a family legacy and for the generations to come. The farm was named accordingly Shashi Farm.

Margi’s vision and passion were to require the best Tuli genetics, breed only the best and become the most sought-after Tuli’s in the world.

Tsavo Tuli Stud was founded by Joanne and Russel Kruger as their personal stud. The inspiration came from a character Tsavo – from the movie Out of Africa, who held a special place in Joanne’s heart.

After the bush war and political atmosphere in Rhodesia, Mr Len Harvey had to move the Tuli herds because the family farms had been taken. Don Margi’s husband and she has decided to start a new life and adventure in South Africa. Margi and her parents founded the successful Red Alert Corporation which by the grace of God has flourished and has branches across South Africa.

Don passed away about 12 years ago and left the company in the capable hands of their children, at that point Margi explained that she had to start a new business. This prompted her to buy the farm with the vision to breed the best Tuli’s you can find in the world.

Joanne and Margi decided to combine their 2 herds and grow in numbers (Shashi and Tsavo Tuli Studs). Margi describes how she, their family and farm workers would go camping on the banks of the Shashi river for a week or so at a time in Rhodesia. This memory is held dearly by Margi and the family and will be remembered through the name Shashi Tuli Stud.

The 1st Inaugural Shashi Tuli Sud Production auction will take place on the 1st of August 2023 at 12H00 on the farm Shashi outside Mcleantown, Eastern Cape. (32ᵒ49’03.5”S27ᵒ41’31.5”E)

On Offer:

  • 21 Registered Tuli Bulls.
  • 57 Registered Tuli and 13 commercial female animals.
  • 24 Registered pregnant cows.
  • 5 Cows with calves. (RWB)
  • 8 Cows. (RWB)
  • 20 Open heifers (RWB)
  • Commercial – 5 Pregnant cows, 2 Cows (RWB) and 6 Open Heifers.

* Bulls are running on virulent Heartwater, Gallsickness and Redwater veld.

* All bulls were tested for fertility and are STD free.

* Tested for TB and CA FREE.

* Free delivery of Bulls only in the Eastern Cape.

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