Vlakte Bonsmara group celebrated a successful action that broke many goals the group set for themselves. Buyers from across the country showed up to purchase top genetics for their cattle farms. 

“It’s with great thankfulness that I say today was an excellent auction with new records that the group achieved,” says Kobus du Toit.

The cattle reached a good average, with bulls averaging R 129 00 across 46 animals. Farmers could pick and choose from the array to find a bull that is suitable for their production needs. Whether it was a stud sire or new blood for your herd, there was something for everyone.

“We aimed for uniformity when it came to the females,” he adds. “We ensured that their age, colour and pregnancy statuses were all the same.” This good decision is also reflected in the prices the cows achieved.

To find out more about Vlakte Bonsmara, visit their website at www.vlaktebonsmara.co.za.