A ready-mixed phosphate-salt-trace mineral and protein supplement for ruminants.

  • The phosphate source of KimtraPro 20 is Yara Animal Nutrition’s Kynofos 21, a high-quality MDCP.
  • Enriched with the most important trace minerals.
  • Contains protein to stimulate growth and production of rumen microbes for optimal digestion of grass.
  • Contains highly bioavailable magnesium in the form of Magnesium Phosphate.
  • Contains molasses by-product to promote palatability and intake.
  • Convenient granulated form to minimise dustiness.
  • Suitable for cattle, sheep, goats, and ruminant game species.
  • Available in 50 kg and 25 kg bags.

Trust KimtraPro 20 for optimal health, production and reproduction.

Contact YARA at animal.nutrition.sa@yara.com, or 031-910-5100 or visit their website at www.yara.co.za/animal-nutrition/