This harvesting machine is made to bring you more! More speed, more capacity, more versatility – the FD2 FlexDraper has it all!

Flex on everyone else

You will be able to flex on all your neighbours with the flex this machine offers. The MacDon Active Float System gives it 70% more flex than before. The Contour Max Contour Wheels uses Flex-Float technology to give your machine the versatility it requires to navigate your farm. These wheels help the header to follow the contours of the field, producing a consistent stubble height.

The FD2 has three sections with double and triple reel configurations. This produces a unique flexing movement: the header, frame, cutter bar, and reel follows the contours of the ground as a unit. It can flex up to 43,2 cm on each side. All of this while still maintaining smooth and consistent heads-first feeding to the combine.

This machine is sure to float your boat

Incorporated into the FD2, is the MacDon Active Float system. This is a simple mechanism which supports up to 97% of the header’s weight! Unsteady ground is no problem, as the float system allows the FD2 to simply float over it. As a result, you can cut very close to the ground and produce clean cuts every time, without pushing soil around.

The larger rendering draper is fit for any crop.

Keep your friends close … keep your FD2 closer!

This harvesting head has a fixed reel-to-cutter bar relationship. At any given time, there is a small gap between the reel fingers and the cutter bar. This means that even when driving on unsteady ground or with extreme flexing, you maintain smooth and consistent feeding.

Multiple crops, one machine

This is value for money! When buying the FD2, you are not just getting one implement. You are buying the ability to harvest multiple crops! All it takes is one flip of a switch to change this machine from a flex to a rigid frame header. This allows you to easily move from one crop to another. Cereals, beans, oilseeds, the possibilities are endless. If you can dream it, the FD2 can do it!

Triple the effectiveness

The new and improved FD2 now offers the option of a triple reel. This means that three-reel sections mirror the flexing points of the header, meaning an even closer reel-to-cutter bar ratio. You have this option available on the 40-, 45- and 50-foot FD2 models.

This machine will satisfy your need for speed.

This machine makes the cut

The FD2 offers cleaner, faster and more cuts than before. This new version cuts 30% faster than the previous model. It sports a new knife with a longer blade allowing 25% more cutting surface. It has more power and improved knife section geometry.

You have the option of choosing between two ClearCut Knife Guards: The Pointed Knife Guards or the PlugFree Knife Guards. These help to produce a smooth and close shave as well as preventing plugging. The Pointed Knife Guards are multi-purpose and designed to glide along the cutting surface at high speeds, while the PlugFree Knife Guards cut as close to the ground as possible without the blade getting damaged from field debris.

Even in the toughest cutting conditions, the knife drive offers speedy torque to power. The new knife drive has a larger output shaft, a flywheel for smooth operation and a direct hydraulic drive.

The FD2’s low-profile cutter bar’s distance between the blades and draper is shorter than before. Consequently, the chance of seeds lost at the cutter bar is significantly less. The in-cab header tilt control allows the blades to be at an angle required for any harvest condition.

If you have messy crops, the VertiBlade is something you need to consider. This vertical knife reduces the seeds that get lost in messy and tangled crops. Don’t worry about the hassle of adding this to your FD2: installation is easy as you just hook it on and connect it in one move.

The FD2 offers cleaner, faster and more cuts.

Cosmic capacity

It’s true – bigger is better, and the FD2 is certainly both. The 20% increase in capacity is achieved through 50-inch-deep drapers. This is the most crop capacity that has ever been offered in any Flex Draper model! It can handle even the bushiest, biggest volume of crops with ease.

Headfirst flow

MacDon’s FD2 has Active Crop Flow. This means that once the crop is one the draper, it is rapidly moved headfirst down the side draper and into the feeder house. The side draper now has in-cab speed control which means you can adjust as you go. The headfirst feeding of this machine guarantees the utmost efficiency with better threshing action, straw distribution, and fuel savings. It is also effective in moist conditions, allowing you start work early and finish late in the day.

Messy crops are a piece of cake for the FD2 Flex Draper.

Buy now!

MacDon’s FD2 Flex Draper has every solution to any problem you can face.

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