If you were at NAMPO 2024, you surely could not have missed AgriCAD’s bright red, shiny machines! These products not only look good on your farm, they also help you to make all your farming operations easier, more efficient, faster and smoother.

Ruan Jonas, National and International Marketer, AgriCAD, tells more about the products they exhibited at NAMPO that can help farmers to expand their operations.

AgriCAD has a whole host of products to choose from. Among the most famous machines are their different grain transfer cart series.

AgriCAD grain and fertiliser carts

The grain cart range consists of the popular TF24C and the TF27C (the newer cart in the range). This new series comes with tires that are slightly larger, but it does not stop there!

The TF34C and the TF38C, which are the larger grain carts, are also available in this range. AgriCAD is also known for their fertiliser tanker range that consists of the 7-tonne, 10-tonne and the 15-tonne tanker.

“All our carts, from fertiliser to grain, can include a weighing system that connects to Isobus or our own screen for precision farming,” says Ruan.

Ruan Jonas is ready to help you acquire the best, brightest, premium red product for your farm!

AgriCAD land rollers

One of the most popular of all AgriCAD’s products is their land roller. Ruan explains: “The land roller series comes in four different sizes: 7,6 m, 9,4 m, 11,3 m and 12,2 m.”

The land roller has many advantages during planting time:

  • It increases yield, as you can harvest closer to the ground
  • Soil and stones are rolled into the ground, so that the harvester is not damaged, which significantly reduces standing time
  • Seed germination is better
  • You are assured of a consistent planting depth

For better harvests, you should definitely invest in a land roller from AgriCAD.

AgriCAD land silo

Finally, Ruan also mentions the icing on the AgriCAD cake. The “Motherbin” is AgriCAD’s movable land silo for mass handling of grain during harvesting time.

It can store 80 000 litres, or about 60 tonnes of grain. It is easy to move and grain can now be comfortably harvested into the land silo. With the high unloading speed of the land silo, a 33-tonne truck can be fully loaded in approximately 10 minutes.

The weighing system provides on-the-spot control over grain volumes by means of slips that the driver of the truck must sign, which of course gives you much more control and combats theft.

Contact details

If you could not visit AgriCAD at NAMPO 2024, you can go to their website at www.agricad.co.za. You can also find them on their social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.