Airmax air spring systems are designed to maximize safe load-carrying capacity, stability and overall ride quality. Their air springs are designed and assembled in the USA. Airmax air springs use the same Firestone technology used on many heavy-duty trucks, trailers and buses on the road today. That means you’ll get Firestone’s reputation for commercial-grade durability, quality, reliability and service.

Airmax air suspension kits use Firestone air springs and have long been a popular option for drivers who want extra support for their payload. Once installed, the Firestone air springs can be adjusted to meet the demands of a given load. As you increase the load in your vehicle your vehicle springs will compress, by inflating your Airmax air helper springs you compensate for your payload. Adjustments for more or less pressure are made via airlines that extend from the Firestone air springs to the rear of the vehicle where inflation valves are installed in manual setups.

If you only tow a few times a year, this is a cost-effective solution. If you are regularly hauling heavy loads or towing a camper, trailer, caravan or boat, we recommend using an on-board Airmax air compressor system. You now have air at your figure tips and the ability to monitor the pressure at all times. One of the most valuable benefits of Airmax suspension kits is adjustability. With an increase or decrease in the amount of air pressure in each air spring, you can adjust the suspension for lights loads, heavy loads or any load in between. Airmax suspension kits offer a huge advantage for trips that involve uneven loads. For example, if the load you carry leans toward the right side or left side of the vehicle, the Airmax air springs can be adjusted to accommodate this issue.

Here are some benefits of Airmax air helper springs:

  • If your suspension is sagging or squatting under a load, Airmax Air helper springs are designed to keep the vehicle level.
  • If your vehicle leans too far on corners causing you to slow down, Airmax air helper springs reduce roll and sway.
  • If your vehicle porpoises while loaded on rough roads, Airmax Air helper springs can smooth out the ride by absorbing road shock.
  • Air Helper springs will give you more control over your loaded vehicle, increasing safety and driver confidence.

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