Wow! That’s just the thing my animals and I need, farmers said when they saw Algar’s new JAY-LOR feed mixer at the recent KragDag expo. Algar participated in KragDag for the second time this year and their JAY-LOR feed mixer stood out among all the ingenious equipment on display there.

The JAY-LOR feed mixer is exactly what stud farmers, feedlots, or any other livestock farmer needs. “This self-propelled feed mixer is ideal for both large- and small-scale farmers who need to mix smaller intensive rations for speciality groups such as stud and feedlot animals, as well as weaners and lambs,” says Jonathan Toxopeus, sales representative for Algar.

The mixer is powered by a Honda petrol engine which is electric or manually powered. The polyethene drum has a steel reinforced floor and the frame and chassis are recessed to protect them from rust and weathering.

Jonathan adds: “Another advantage this mixer offers is its zero-turn manoeuvrability and its ability to work and move in small feed spaces. This enables it to efficiently utilise space and work more agilely, resulting in better profitability.”

Algar’s new JAY-LOR feed mixer was shown off at this year’s KragDag.

The unit can mix between 500 kg and 1 000 kg, depending on the material being mixed. Due to the square shape of the mixers in the drum, the mini mixer unit blends at a good speed while maintaining the required fibre structure.

It also prevents animals from only picking out the tastier particles of the feed.

The mixer has a convenient and simple outlet, which can be regulated, opened, and closed manually.

An important advantage of this self-propelled feed mixer is the fact that the farmer does not need an additional tractor for the job. No extra machinery needs to be extracted from their normal work and sourced from other parts of the farm. All the other work continues as usual.

Jonathan Toxopeus, sales representative for Algar at the brand-new JAY-LOR feed mixer.

Livestock farming is only a pleasure with Algar’s efficient, durable livestock handling equipment and other products. Algar believes the farmer should not struggle but can work effective and efficient on his farm.

For more information about the JAY-LOR self-propelled feed mixer, contact Jonathan at (+27)82-324-6256 or email