The Avant 860 is truly a workhorse that you can use for many tasks on the farm. The front loader has more than 100 different pieces of specialised equipment which can be instantly attached, has enough power and grip to get work easily done.

At NAMPO 2023 Wally Loftie-Eaton, owner and manager of Avant South Africa and Charl Kemp, General Manager of the Avant Gauteng branch, elaborated more on the Avant 860.

The Avant 860 is a versatile machine, and also known as a forklift for rugged terrain, a mini-backhoe and a compact trencher. Depending on what attachment you connect to it, the machine with its diesel-powered Kubota V1505 engine can change in blink of an eye.

The Avant 860 is 2,550 mm wide and 2,035 mm high, making it user friendly and ideal for working in orchards or plantations. The forklift allows you to lift up to 800 kg to a height of 2,8 m. The 28-kW engine two-speed drive takes you wherever you need to be on the farm at a speed of 11 km/h or 22 km/h which ensures that you don’t take all day to move from one task to another.

Wally emphasised the machine’s ease of use when washing solar panels. Nowadays where more and more farmers are sidestepping Eskom and using solar panels to sustainably generate power, you can attach a brush-arm to the machine, that can wash up to 4 000 panels in a day without difficulty, either on a roof or on a frame on the ground.

“Many solar panel suppliers use the Avant 860 because you can unload the panels without worries and place them in the right place with the forklift and install them where needed,” Wally says.

The SunBrush is used to clean solar panels.

In a nut orchard, the Avant 860 is very useful, with the tree shaking attachment, with the shaking equipment up to 70 trees per hour making nuts tumble to the ground, ready to gather and rake your nuts and transporting it to the shed. Everything done with the Avant 860. The Smooth Drive is a shock absorber system that helps the machine transporting fruit out of the terrain in the orchard, ensuring that the fruit is transported without issues.

The Avant 860 with a tree shaker attachment.

The OptiDrive is also an innovation that, instead of mechanical torque axles, makes use of separate hydraulically driven motors on each wheel. This gives the front loader even more impetus. That rubber tyres are standard 26×12.00-12″.

The telescopic boom is standard, but different cabin options, including one with air conditioning, are available.

“This is a very popular machine that gets all your farm tasks done without struggle!” Avant is also the local distributors of the Berti range of mulchers which can cut up trees with branches up to 130 mm thick.

The Berti-range mulchers are suitable for deforestation.

“The mulchers are ideal for deforestation which makes the Avant 860 even more spectacular,” says Charl.

Browse on Avant’s website where you can get more information on the Avant 860 and its wide range of attachments as well as all the other machines in their range.

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