For WA de Klerk, farming is more than just business. His farm, Driefontein, is the legacy he inherited from his grandfather and father, and the future he is creating for his children. As John Deere Financial, we are proud to walk a journey with farmers like WA de Klerk, enabling their dreams and ambitions with the best financial solutions and support.

Mr De Klerk farms with soya beans, maize, and cattle on the Driefontein farm near Hendrina. Since his grandfather’s time on the farm, Mr De Klerk and his family have exclusively used John Deere equipment, knowing that this trusted brand would drive their operations forward. For over 21 years, he has entrusted his dreams to John Deere Financial, and we have striven to realise his business goals.

Enabling expertise

Mr De Klerk is a seasoned agricultural expert, having spent decades alongside his father, learning the tricks of the trade. For optimal results, he uses a crop rotation system to produce 50% soya beans and 50% maize.

Not only does this system complement his crops exceptionally well, but it also aids cost savings and the clearing of fields. As John Deere Financial, it is our goal to enable the expertise of farmers like Mr De Klerk, offering access to exceptional John Deere technology, paired with personal relationships, that help drive success forward. With dedicated support, Mr De Klerk is able to focus on growing his business, which he believes has a bright future in the country.

“I believe the future of grain farmers in South Africa will be safe,” says Mr De Klerk. “I am excited about the future of farming in South Africa!” He is determined to leave a strong legacy for his family.

“I have a daughter, and I have to think about her future,” Mr De Klerk explains. “I don’t know what the future will hold for her, but I will invest as much as I possibly can to prosper and expand this farm, doing what I want to do as perfectly as possible.”

Building client relationships

As John Deere Financial, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best service, incorporating the latest technology for speed, convenience, and efficiency. At the same time, however, we believe in showing up on the farm in person so that we can understand the unique opportunities of our clients. This is why the relationship between John Deere Financial and our clients becomes closer to a friendship.

When asked about his John Deere Finance Specialist, Marthie Botha, Mr De Klerk speaks with distinct gratitude. Marthie strives to play an integral role in De Klerk’s farming operations, and in turn, he is proud to do business with someone who, in his words, “makes you feel like you are more than just a number”.

It is this one-to-one approach, combined with in-depth understanding and industry expertise, that allows John Deere Financial to truly offer customised solutions that help build a promising future. “Our journey with John Deere Financial has come a long way,” Mr De Klerk says, “and it is a relationship that keeps growing.”

As part of our commitment to support the agriculture industry, John Deere Financial offers special promotions that enable farmers to run their businesses expertly. This time, we are giving you triple the value with a three-part special offer. First, you can get the 5075E MFWD OOS with 9/3 TSS transmission at a prime interest rate of -9% with a 20% deposit, annual repayments over three years, and VAT back after three months. We also offer free service parts when your order for 5D or 5E 3-cylinder tractor parts are not available from your South African dealer within 24 hours.

* And finally, when you purchase a new 5D or 5E 3-cylinder tractor before 31 October 2023, you receive free SETAaccredited operator training!* You can also revolutionise your harvest operation with affordable financing on the new S440 combine at a prime interest rate of -4% over three yearly payments OR -2,7% over five yearly payments with a 20% deposit, VAT back after three months from contract start date. Offer is valid until 31 October 2023. John Deere Financial offers farmers more than finance. Get in touch with us today to see how we run so life can leap forward.

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