Cardinal Weighbridge

Cardinal Weighbridge Company South Africa (Pty) Ltd. has grown over the years to become one of the largest suppliers of weighbridges in South Africa and Africa.

With years of successful installations for farmers, companies or the stock exchange, mines, industries, and transportation companies, CWCSA has become one of the most established companies in the weighbridge industry.

CWCSA’s staff have a passion for their work, strive to respect each client and assist with individual requirements to the best of their ability.

Cardinal Weighbridge’s weighing bridges are manufactured from a top, approved plant, with excellent quality control. From cutting, assembling, and welding steel, drilling the necessary holes and the final sanding and levelling process, everything subjected to strict and accurate quality control measures according to government requirements.

Once the building of the bridge is finished, with the necessary reinforcements, and to NRCS’ approved standards, the primer is applied and made sure the thickness of the primer is correct for maximum protection. Along with each bridge that is installed a quality checklist is provided to the client for future reference.

Once the bridge is moved, the civil work has already been done on the client’s proposed premises, and the bridge can already be put in place with delivery. The steel decks are filled with 30 MPA cement, after which the bridge is installed with all its equipment. CWCSA’s weighing bridges are therefore a combination of steel and cement, ensuring longevity.

GravityWeigh is installed as the software program on the weighbridges. The process from start to finish is completed within thirty days.

CWCSA pursues the highest levels of quality and is registered with ISO9001 by SABS, is SANAS accredited, and their software is SOLAS-ready for exports.

Don’t procrastinate. Speak to one of the sales agents today to obtain your own weighbridge.


GravityWeigh is Africa’s leading weighbridge software. It offers unrivalled system integration and data management on ALL weighbridges and scale types. It is ideal for single and multiple weighbridges, and compatible with recognised third-party software.

GravityWeigh provides control over recording the movement of bulk materials, in mining, manufacturing, ports, landfilling, recycling, road construction and other areas. From basic input to fully unmanned Camera and RFID implementations, GravityWeigh ensures reliability of your transaction data whilst giving you access to summarised information through easy-to-read reporting and exports to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

Our software is backed by a 24-hour telephonic support desk, and with physical presence in Johannesburg, Cape Town and accredited resellers in Southern Africa, onsite technical support is always in reach.

  • Multi weighbridge support
  • Weigh in, weigh out, gross only weighing
  • User and group level security
  • Open text or masterfile dropdown capture fields
  • Order management
  • Pre-registration of vehicle transactions for weighing
  • RFID-enabled vehicle identification
  • Barcode-ended weigh slips
  • Verified gross mass calculation for SOLAS compliance
  • Overweight truck warnings
  • Receiving captured against Pastel GRN
  • Web service integration to SAP
  • Camera integration to first and last weigh screens
  • Saved pictures of each weigh transaction

For any assistance contact Jacques on 063-716-6275 or 011-914-3198. Visit for more information.