Good news for farmers is that Case IH sharpened the pencil and went back to the drawing board to make sure the coveted Maxxum range not only fits perfectly on your farm, but also in your budget.

Jacques Coetzee, Head of Case IH’s wholesale operation in South Africa, announced at NAMPO that the Maxxum 110 (82 kW) and the Maxxum 125 (93 kW) have been adapted after many discussions with farmers and a strategic session.

He says: “The tractors fall into a very popular kilowatt segment in South Africa, and we have adapted the specifications to meet the needs of farmers.”

The Maxxum range is manufactured in England and has been available in Southern Africa for 28 years. Maxxum is a trusted name in the agricultural sector worldwide.

The models are suitable for any farming operation, from heavy duty work such as land preparation and daily hard work in the feedlot, to hay making and transport work. The heavy duty electro-hydraulic PTO works great for any feedlot applications.

Jacques says the tractors will go into production from September and farmers can  start placing their orders for early next year. “Be on the lookout! We’re going to market it well.”

Farmers who visited Case’s impressive exhibition at NAMPO to greet and enjoy some coffee and pancakes together welcomed the announcement.

“NAMPO remains the perfect platform to get our customers together, away from the routine on the farm, to hear how things are going and what is important to them,” says Jacques.

With such a panoramic view and ease of control you will look for an excuse to get into the Maxxum 125.

The popular Maxxum series offers:

  • All the power you need, the fuel economy you desire, and the options you demand, but nothing you do not want.
  • For your convenience, you have a panoramic view from the SurroundVision cabin.
  • The instrument panel is easy to understand, and the controls are convenient to use.
  • Various power transmission choices are available for the needs of your farming, from instant power in the field to economy on the road.
  • The PTO with a choice of 540 or 1 000 rpm is driven directly from the engine’s flywheel with soft start for fuel saving.
  • Two dedicated hydraulic pumps ensure that you can drive and work equally well at the same time.
  • For precision farming, Case IH also offers a full range of options from entry level to 2 cm accuracy for planting and spraying.

You do not have to wait for the next NAMPO to talk to Case IH’s friendly, knowledgeable team. Find your nearest dealer on their website at