The new Quantum-range from CASE IH is the specifically designed tractor for precision farming in vineyards and orchards. Farmers can be assured that these machines provide power for daily tasks while also keeping the branches and vines undisturbed.

Farming requires a lot of input: raw materials such as fertiliser, water infrastructure to deliver the water, and machines to do the heavy lifting. CASE IH understands this, that is why they strive to provide farmers with equipment for every job, across various markets. But what makes the Quantum tractor a must-have, is all the benefits it offers for farmers who grow grapes, tree nuts or fruit trees.

The new Quantum-range offers the farmer power and performance, all while providing the efficiency needed for tackling small tasks. Essentially, they do all the heavy lifting and transporting tasks because these tractors have been designed to work best with a loader.

The narrower workhorse ensures that orchard and vineyard farmers can move through their crops without causing damage. The lightweight tractor also has a low centre of gravity — it won’t fall over when driving against a slope. The Quantum tractor range stands tall at a humble 2,4 metres and vary in width.

At the recent Cape NAMPO in South Africa, farmers admired the practicality of the CASE IH Quantum F orchard and vineyard tractors.

The V- model is ideal for vineyards, modelled on the most common width between vines. The 1 063 mm wide tractor is aimed mainly at grape growers, but can also fit into buildings with low ceilings such as dairies.

N-models are slightly wider at 1 228 mm, meeting the requirements for under 1, 3-metre workspaces.

The F-model, on the other hand, perfectly fits into the most common orchard sizes. The tractor was built to the specifications of the fruit market, and it shows in its features such as the four-wheel drive.

All the models in the Quantum-range are equipped with high hydraulic operation in mind. The system has a 64 litres per minute oil flow.

Taking a closer look at the specifications of the Quantum-range, the machine’s 3, 2 litre four-cylinder engine gives the tractor the ability to operate at full power at low speeds. The tractors are available in 57 to 78 kilowatt and feature a 32 x 16-speed gearbox.

All models are available with closed cabins, but the lower versions have an open station option as well.

A feature that makes the tractor dexterous between groves, is its small turning radius. Depending on the model, tractors have a turning radius of 3,23 and 4,19 metres.

As expected when investing in a CASE IH-machine, reliable and trustworthy parts are available nationwide. This is as always coupled with service that continues to keep the CASE IH name high.

To find the Quantum tractor that meets your needs, contact your local authorised Case IH dealer or visit