Every farmer’s dream is to have good, wholesome and nutritious feed for their cattle, compressed into a neat, sturdy bale to ease transport and handling and to retain taste and nutritional value. Seeing is believing, and that was evident at the annual FarmSpace and King Price baler challenge.

But there was more: Farmers and contractors first-hand could see how quickly the equipment worked to create these large bales. This year, conditions were a bit more challenging, because the balers had to work with soggy grass.

The winner!

Daniel Dames, Product Specialist of Case IH Southern Africa, proudly states: “Today, Case is very proud to win first place in the variable chamber baler division with our RB455 baler and second place in the fixed chamber division with the RB545 baler.”

RB 545 fixed round baler

Case’s RB 545 fixed round baler, pulled by the Puma 140, finished second in its division.

The new RB545 is a high-capacity silage baler that makes bales 1,25-metres in diameter. It bales high- or low-dry matter grass and straw equally well.

The best baler in the world is impractical if it fails to pick up material quickly and reliably. Therefore, the RB545 has a pressure roller that runs in front of the pick-up to flatten the wind row slightly so that the material can be more compact for the pick-up stroke. Now the pick-up picks up material and not the wind, which ensures a much more even feed.

With its tough 5,5-mm high-strength steel tines, the pick-up works 2,2-meter wide.

Standard rotor cutter

You can choose how fine or coarse the material must be carved before it ends up in the bale by ten, twenty, or, with a manual blade selector, you can make ten of the twenty blades work, or the other ten, or all twenty.

Blockages are unlikely, but if they do occur, the drop floor gets rid of them easily and quickly.

Bale chamber

Daniel says the bale chamber has eighteen profiled compression rollers driven by automatically oiled heavy-duty chains for longevity. The chamber features stronger, cold-formed chamber rollers. A new 10-notch surface keeps the bale turning regardless of conditions or material without getting caught on the net.

“The rollers run in brass bushings that are covered by a lubricant through the automatic lubrication system. This ensures that the copper busts have a much longer lifespan,” explains Daniel.

Fingertip control

ISOBUS terminals can control the main functions of Case IH RB545 and RB545 balers. The Case IH AFS 700 terminal is the perfect partner. Plugging your baler into your Case tractor with the Pro 700 screen will start installing its software. This system lets you easily adjust bale density, net, oil, and grease amounts from the comfort of your tractor cab.

“It does not matter what the conditions are, the Case baler will always make more bales of a higher quality per day. Case ensures peace of mind with every product farmers purchase,” says Daniel.

RB 455 variable chamber round baler

This variable chamber baler produces bales with diameters ranging from 0,9 to 15 meters. The new picks ups are manufactured with four or five bars, which easily picks up 2,35 meters of heavy material cleanly and quickly and feeds it smoothly through the feed opening for up to 25% more capacity.


The RB455 with its fifteen spring-loaded knives controlled from the tractor cab makes dense bales, which makes handling and stacking easier and transport more rewarding and preserves nutrition.

Fingertip control

The Case IH AFS Pro 700 touchscreen terminal, is available in bigger Case IH tractors or can be installed by your dealer in other models as well. It controls RB455 and RB465 round balers. The AFS Pro 300 screen can be divided in up to six sections to display your most important data.

Daniel’s message to farmers and contractors is: “At Case IH, we as product specialists and the dealer network will always be there to support you, and we assure you of the quality of our products.”

Watch it in action by clicking here

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